Drunk was afraid of blowing, and many did not understand what was wrong

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On Friday night, a police officer's visited Palanga and conducted a raid there. True, this time motorists avoided attention, and behold, cyclists got piles. Many did not understand what was wrong.

How Cyclists Ride the Road Inspection officials had to explain to everyone how the lanes on the carriageway for cyclists differ from the bicycle lane. People were not surprised to learn that a reflective vest or a bicycle's front and rear lights had to be lit while on the road. "I hear it for the first time," as if the offenders agreed. The first time the officials caught on, they only warned, but others interpreted their rules. "What can't be done from here, when? "Getaway," the man mocked and tried to take his path without hearing the officers. When one officer stopped him, the man continued to say, "I'm on the bike path, what are you doing here?" Officials explained to the man that the bicycle lanes were located in the driveway, which did not give them the privilege of not wearing a vest with reflective tape or turning on the lights. And when asked for the offender's document, the man began to resent himself: "What kind of a cyclist is carrying papers? What is this?".

At last, the less-than-exhausted man finally listened to the lesson on how to ride the road and what a bicycle lane is. Officials did not distribute fines during the raid and only warned the cyclist, although he could have been fined for his insolence, as he was not willing to obey the officers. Still, the drowning man paid off the warning. And here's the complete opposite reaction of a young man who was stubbornly looking for how to turn on the lamp when he heard it was necessary. "I succeeded!" He even cheered and laughed. The man thanked the officials for being nice and said that he spends little time in Lithuania, so he doesn't know much. He enjoys Palanga until the summer but leaves for Thailand at the click of a cold. The young man didn't want to say much, asked him what he was doing in Thailand, smiled and said, "I live." And, halfway through, the locals did not hide their excitement when the officials stopped him and asked if the man knew the rules. Before he reached the officers, the contents of his bicycle bag caught his eye - the man was carrying alcohol. She frankly admitted to drinking a "couple of beers", but when she saw the alcohol meter worry, "Maybe I'll swell."

The cyclist's sentiment was confirmed by the alcohol meter at 0.59 per mil. The drunken man lowered his head and waited patiently for a fine. Another stubborn woman, who had never ridden a bicycle, started calling officers "on the bed" and promised to cook delicious fish soup. The woman's officers did not have to punish her - she was married to a bicycle. A drunken woman was escorted by a policeman to her home to prevent her from having any leg injury.

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