The police are preparing increased inspections

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Majówka is traditionally heavy traffic on roads throughout Poland. The police point out that most cars will leave on April 30 and May 5, and that's when the biggest difficulties will come. Officers are preparing increased roadside checks throughout the picnic.

Over the long weekend, you should expect increased roadside checks, including more marked and unmarked police cars with video recorders.

Policemen will not only control the speed but also pay attention to the sobriety of drivers. The technical condition of vehicles and the manner of transporting passengers, especially children, will also be checked. Policemen should also be expected in areas with the highest traffic, where they will watch over its traffic flow and, in justified cases, take manual traffic control.

The police emphasize that many factors influence the safety of road users, including vehicle efficiency, psychophysical condition of vehicle drivers, weather, and above all compliance by road users.

Also, driving culture, mutual respect and lack of aggression, which affect the sense of security, are very important, which in turn may translate into fewer traffic incidents.

Before we go on a car journey, check its technical condition and equipment. It is obligatory to have a fire extinguisher and a warning triangle in the vehicle, but it is also worth taking care of other items, such as a first aid kit or reflective vest. It is good practice to prepare alternative routes in advance. Thanks to this, in case of difficulties on the road, we will be able to take a different route avoiding traffic jams, nerves and lost time.

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