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Road accidents in cyclists should be concerned

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Road accidents in cyclists are one of the issues of concern to those responsible for the General Directorate of Traffic in recent years. According to statistics from the DGT in 2013 bicycle users they were involved in 5,835 accidents. číst dál

Motorcycle equipment with reflective tape

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In today's market, there are several leading companies engaged in manufacturing motorcycle reflective accessories. Unfortunately, they often proposed prices put off potential customers. Products do not always fulfill the tasks entrusted to them, even though the quality is satisfactory. číst dál

The reflective elements is mandatory for pedestrians

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From 1 July 2015, in order to increase the visibility of pedestrians at night on country roads, come into force amendments to the Rules of the road, they made the decision of the Government of the Russian Federation of November 14, 2014 № 1197 "On Amendments to the Rules of the Road the Russian Federation ", - said the General Directorate of Road Safety Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. číst dál

H&M supplements with reflective elements

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Supplements are not after what you had in H & M certainly looked; even if otherwise prefer other brands. Deliver them particularly price-quality ratio-appearance. číst dál

Reflective accessories makes more visible

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I present new American company running shoes with reflective tape 'Tope Athletic', based in Boston and directed by Tony Post (To-Po) former CEO (Chief executive officer) of Viral. The CEO, or the CEO Castilian, is generally the highest position of a company. I remind you that Viral pioneered the minimalist USA and brand that brought the concept "five fingers" and I think the minimal trend and the controversy as to the minimum vs. maxims still fishtailing soles... číst dál

Wear vest with reflective tape to cross road

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Following the accident at Gouesnac'h Wednesday, February 25, residents of Kervern hamlet called a demonstration this Saturday at 10am in front of the town hall. So pedestrians should take the reflective accessories  or reflective tape to make them visible. číst dál