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Sponsors received tapes and reflective bands

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Marcie Stewing, also known as reflective Angel. Man 6 years riding a battered bicycle with a 3-foot trailer and hands needy glare. číst dál

Reflective equipments for cyclists

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Weather frightens, but in the end the sun clouds - shone in the chair. 11.30, half an hour before when hundreds of cyclists wear reflective garment and set off from the Kielce market in the direction of the Forest Stadium. Thus began on Saturday in Kielce Great Weekend "Poland on bicycles" with champion have Włoszczowska. číst dál

Road safety depends on pedestrians and drivers

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In police have no doubt that the most difficult in terms of safety for pedestrians at up. Reymont traffic moves on four lanes. - Pedestrian must realize that one staying in front of the vehicle belts that's not all, because the second car also has to face, and unfortunately not always the case - notes Gregory Mede ski of the department of traffic in the District Police Headquarters in Raciborz. We ask him if Raciborz drivers driving culture has improved in recent years and the model example. German drivers stop in front of each pedestrian interested in moving to the other side of the street. - With culture it is like driving manners. Whoever it is, this will let passerby saw in the rearview mirror Car cord - says the policeman in reflective uniform. The amendment of the rules by the Civic Platform, which is located in the Diet, it assumes that control - as is for many years in Germany - will have to respect the rights of pedestrians wishing to enter the "zebra". Not giving priority to expose him to the mandate. And today, watching them much more than they used recording equipment and a misdemeanor on the road it can be disclosed. číst dál