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Battery-powered lights are approved for road traffic

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Whether for work, school or private - more and more people use the bicycle for short to medium length routes, even in winter. Students in the District have now been taken in light of the police under the microscope. 111 officers checked more than one month the bikes of students. The result was very positive. Nearly 90 percent of all two-wheelers were according to the police in order. Especially from the new legislation, which came into force on August 1 this year, many students have made use: Even cordless and battery-powered lights are approved for road traffic since the summer. Accordingly, significantly more wheels were better lit than in recent years, it said in a statement to the police. číst dál

Handed out 345 reflective vests

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Construction Market Loosen shared Wednesday out reflective vests to a value of 30,000 to two schools. číst dál

Prostitutes in Italy will be obliged to wear a reflective vest

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Sex workers is proposed to introduce a uniform like road workers - revealing tops to hide under a reflective vest and wear pants instead of short skirts. Those who refuse to follow the new rules face fines Italy. The authorities of the Italian city of Spine dada put forward a proposal to introduce uniform for prostitutes working on the highway Milan-Cremona. According to Correspondent, female sex workers is proposed to introduce a uniform like road workers - revealing tops to hide under a reflective vest and wear pants instead of short skirts. číst dál

Drivers wear reflective clothing for their nationality

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It was this place before 26 years and it was the final point of the Baltic Way. The unique road bike shares within three days to overcome even 650 kilometers from Tallinn to Vilnius and also mention and give meaning to this significant anniversary of Lithuania's initiator entire first day of the tour shared their impressions about the beaten kilometers, experienced impressions and the first trials. "It's doing better than I expected. Excellent weather, good roads and an unexpected meeting with Estonian rider of the day allowed the plan to carry out much earlier than I anticipated, "- about ... číst dál

Reflective clothing assure safety of motorists

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With the proliferation of construction sites in Quebec, orange cones manufacturers are overworked this year. There are currently nearly 100,000, on roads in the province to ensure the safety of motorists without reflective clothing. číst dál

Many runners in safety vest to run at night

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Many runners in safety vest who decide to go jogging at night, either by time or by the simple fact that the world is calmer when there is less light. In the warmer months it is best to avoid high temperatures and now, although it is cooler and can succeed at almost any time of the day, with the change of time the light is limited as a six- some afternoon and it is night. číst dál

Children could carry reflective clothing

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As part of prevention campaigns Police of the Czech Republic, Hradec Kralove Region "I want to see" and Road Safety "See and be seen", the police in reflective uniform decided to ask the youngest road users in the form of games and demonstrations to explain to them how important it is in traffic especially in poor visibility move while being viewed. Thus, with reflectors, which are also regional coordinator BESIP children brought. číst dál

Reflective film to increase nigh race visibility

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First Night Loop is the third running event within the Active Bydgoszcz and also the first night race organized by the City of Bydgoszcz! The night light up by reflective clothing worn by runners. číst dál

Reflective shirt sponsored by PGE for the riding race

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I am very glad that on our street come to the finish of the last stage 26. Race of Solidarity and Olympians - said at yesterday's conference mayor of Lodz Hanna. - The space of the street makes it possible to see the riders in reflective clothing, see this race. With gardens and benches will be able to admire the riders struggle. I recall that sometime just down the street paced the Peace Race and Race Official Lodz. číst dál

Novice drivers: don’t forget to wear reflective clothing

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1. Reduce blood alcohol levels for novice drivers; číst dál

Cover your body with reflective fabric in winter running

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Cover your body extremities. According to experts exposed the cold to protect priority points are: the head, neck, hands and feet. Indeed, when it is cold, the heat loss can reach 70% by these 'cold spots'. Choose gloves with reflective tapes, socks, hat or scarf according to their insulating qualities, but without going over. číst dál

New firefighter protective clothing with reflective strip

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"Only protective clothing that fits properly can also protect reasonable. Are the sleeves too short, it may cause an injury, "says Sven Emcee Wahlstedts platoon leader (39), which is also active in the ABC-train the county Fire Services Association. Three years took him and his firefighter’s colleagues until they had opted for the sand-colored protective safety clothing from the Austrian manufacturer Exports. číst dál

Clothing with reflective tape becomes a trend

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New customers reflecting a strong social trend: 69% of French are physically active regularly and, in 2012, the budget they spent on the sport was in stable majority, or even increased (in 22% of cases) compared in 2011 (TNS Sores, 2012). Hence the rise in recent years, sports brands that emphasize style over technical performance. "The reflective clothing is an extension of identity and as the individual needs of correspondence between its various areas, he seeks sports equipment in connection with their membership group," notes Frederic Godard, a sociologist at Instead. číst dál

Ferrari Premium collection: Reflective clothing

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Premium leather jacket SF číst dál

Reflective clothing takes important role of emergency service

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It is 18.30 a clock on a sunny Saturday; everybody relaxes barbecuing and looking forward on watching football. Not but the lifesaver of the DRC. For it begins in the ambulance station in the beautiful by 19 a clock the night shift. číst dál