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Dear pedestrians, help us to see you with reflective fabric

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As you can see, the darkness comes early, yet it's still so beautiful Togo on walks or riding a bike. But with this change in brightness, also comes the change of reflective clothes. The latter being darker at this time of the year, we, drivers sometimes have trouble seeing walkers and cyclists away ... or even close. číst dál

Sports clothing with reflective fabric

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Ideal on dry weather, headlines and leggings Craft with reflective fabric and reflective tape bring the rider a real comfort when temperatures drop below 10 degrees as well as more safety číst dál

Road safety: PRIORITIES vigilance for seniors

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Four pedestrians have died this year in the city without wearing reflective safety vest. The municipality responded by preventive actions.  číst dál

H&M supplements with reflective elements

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Supplements are not after what you had in H & M certainly looked; even if otherwise prefer other brands. Deliver them particularly price-quality ratio-appearance. číst dál

Cover your body with reflective fabric in winter running

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Cover your body extremities. According to experts exposed the cold to protect priority points are: the head, neck, hands and feet. Indeed, when it is cold, the heat loss can reach 70% by these 'cold spots'. Choose gloves with reflective tapes, socks, hat or scarf according to their insulating qualities, but without going over. číst dál

protective clothing with reflective fabric for emergency services

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After an intensive and practical development GSG presents with the model family INVICTUS an entirely new concept protective clothing with reflective fabric for emergency services. číst dál

Overall with reflective tape

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"We export 40% of our production outside Europe" číst dál

New reflective bags launch the market

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Kawasaki introduces its new line of luggage in partnership with the renowned American manufacturer Ogio. These bags Day and his travel bag with reflective fabric, handbags, rucksacks, sports and holidays bring liveliness and practicality, thanks to the omnipresence of an apple-green color signature of the brand, which goes to black is found on almost all models. číst dál

Importance of safety vest with reflective tape and helmet for motorist

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She was going to work by bike with light and reflective vest, but without a helmet. Hit by a car on Friday morning and left on site, Jessica miraculously doing well. číst dál

Volvo has an invisible reflective spray

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Who is on the road at night to see increases risk of traffic accidents. The automaker wants to ensure the safety of cyclists spray with reflective particles, which can be used on all types of materials. číst dál

Rouen is launching a preventive operation to cyclists

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Ongoing prevention campaign with a municipal police strengthens its controls of cyclists until the end of the month. číst dál

Illuminates your night training with reflective LED harness

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Many runners who decide to go jogging at night wearing bright reflective safety vest, either by time or by the simple fact that the world is quieter when there is less light. In the warmer months it is best to avoid high temperatures and now, although it is cooler and you can succeed at almost any time of day, with the change of time the light is more limited as six-some evening and it is night. číst dál

Reduce speed in villages and advocate wearing reflective vest

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The town of Vaux-sur-Sure has tried quite a process to slow traffic in villages and to advocate pedestrians to wear reflective safety vest or at least bright clothing with reflective fabric. The last formula is not convincing. číst dál