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The new rules of Reflective helmets

stebenda.blogerka.cz (») | 17. 9. 2015 | přečteno: 795× | komentáře: 0
Taking it today two new rules lay down by the reform of the Highway Code launched in late July. The first concerns the reflective helmets commonly called "a bowl" or "pan", which now will go into retirement. Since 2001 it has been prohibited the sale, but the use was still permitted on "mopeds". Now after nine years this type of helmets will be completely banned, because the helmet is considered unsafe. Who will be pinched driving a moped or motorcycle with a helmet on his head out of the norm in danger of being subjected to administrative detention for 90 days of the medium and a fine of 74 Euros? číst dál

Cyclists without high visibility clothing face serious injuries

stebenda.blogerka.cz (») | 14. 1. 2015 | přečteno: 1076× | komentáře: 0
If they represent a small share of road traffic, cyclists are particularly vulnerable if not wearing any high visibility clothing. číst dál