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Battery-powered lights are approved for road traffic

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Whether for work, school or private - more and more people use the bicycle for short to medium length routes, even in winter. Students in the District have now been taken in light of the police under the microscope. 111 officers checked more than one month the bikes of students. The result was very positive. Nearly 90 percent of all two-wheelers were according to the police in order. Especially from the new legislation, which came into force on August 1 this year, many students have made use: Even cordless and battery-powered lights are approved for road traffic since the summer. Accordingly, significantly more wheels were better lit than in recent years, it said in a statement to the police. číst dál

The product has reflective strips to reflect

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For several months I received this Scornful Finder No rain light jacket with short sleeves. But it was still necessary that time is on hand to carry out this test, i.e., various rain conditions. číst dál

Reflective pants for women cyclists

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Women are a serious problem when it comes to equip for cycling even more so if we practice disciplines that are not yet established the presence of women. It is gratifying to find that a brand expert and recognized as ION water sports, and a recent entry but very strong in the world of mountain biking, we have thought about from the outset. číst dál

New firefighter protective clothing with reflective strip

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"Only protective clothing that fits properly can also protect reasonable. Are the sleeves too short, it may cause an injury, "says Sven Emcee Wahlstedts platoon leader (39), which is also active in the ABC-train the county Fire Services Association. Three years took him and his firefighter’s colleagues until they had opted for the sand-colored protective safety clothing from the Austrian manufacturer Exports. číst dál

Overall with reflective tape

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"We export 40% of our production outside Europe" číst dál

Ferrari Premium collection: Reflective clothing

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Premium leather jacket SF číst dál

Enhanced security: road signs with reflective tape

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In collaboration with the competent authorities, the Province of Hainaut and Wallonia, road signs has been strengthened with reflective tape at the container park just outside "Tournai 3", located in Ronse Ground Kain Tournai in the entity. číst dál

A new vehicle with reflective strip

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In lieu of an ancient van C25 from 1993, the town has just acquired from the company Altacama Trégueux (22) of a new vehicle, which will be allocated to roads and masonry work. This vehicle produced for three years, posting 42,000 kilometers on the odometer, is equipped with a galvanized frame, galvanized a dump, trailer attached and safe high capacity tool behind the cab. Flashing light and reflective strip complete the safety equipment. At a cost of € 15,500, it was approved Tuesday by Louis-René Benat, first deputy and François Roue, managing director in the work in the presence of Miche... číst dál