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What to put on and how to dress safety vest

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What to wear, if we want to run? Running with safety vest is unlike, say, tennis or skiing, or even far more expensive sports activity is relatively low cost. What you need is good shoes - it would start. Uppers can be purchased later and gradually. číst dál

winter running: importance of reflective tape

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In winter, the cold gives you most want to stay warm at home rather than go running outside. As long as temperatures do not drop below -16 ° C, there is no excuses to stop doing your running. Do not let the cold weather discouraged, run well equipped! Bring the warm reflective jacket and running out. číst dál

New reflective bags launch the market

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Kawasaki introduces its new line of luggage in partnership with the renowned American manufacturer Ogio. These bags Day and his travel bag with reflective fabric, handbags, rucksacks, sports and holidays bring liveliness and practicality, thanks to the omnipresence of an apple-green color signature of the brand, which goes to black is found on almost all models. číst dál

Reflective stripes shall be used to prevent traffic accidents

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Rychnovští policemen on will focus on pedestrians and cyclists other days, one of the sites, which have definitely visit will Týniště nad Orlicí, where the bicycle is a very common means of transport. číst dál