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Motorists see the children in safety vest

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The six-year Doreen is enthusiastic: "I like the vest good; I'll always wear it." And they are indeed jeweler in color yellow and the orange stripe on the side, with the hood and the two traffic detectives Felix and Frieda as imprint: the twelve safety vests, which the parents' committee member Use Lander on Tuesday to the twelve first years of the Upper Heifer basic and secondary school has distributed. číst dál

Reflective clothing assure safety of motorists

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With the proliferation of construction sites in Quebec, orange cones manufacturers are overworked this year. There are currently nearly 100,000, on roads in the province to ensure the safety of motorists without reflective clothing. číst dál

Road safety should be concerned

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Yes’s that time again - many people go out of the house when it is still dark and come home when it gets dark again. Especially at this time (and at night) happen about one-third of all traffic accidents - because of the darkness. The danger of killed in road traffic, at night is twice as high as on the day. Because of the early invading darkness is "see and be seen to be" just in the autumn and winter months imperative appeals road safety officer of the District Office Kelley, Bernhard Strauss. He has created a checklist. číst dál

Reflective shirt sponsored by PGE for the riding race

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I am very glad that on our street come to the finish of the last stage 26. Race of Solidarity and Olympians - said at yesterday's conference mayor of Lodz Hanna. - The space of the street makes it possible to see the riders in reflective clothing, see this race. With gardens and benches will be able to admire the riders struggle. I recall that sometime just down the street paced the Peace Race and Race Official Lodz. číst dál

Measures to reduce accident rate: wear reflective coat

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The extreme weather conditions, especially in the prefectures of Macedonia and Epirus, forced the company Agnatic Odes to issue a Communication, probably "for fear of the Jews." číst dál