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Police officers with reflective uniform were amazed

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Police raids in Klaipeda region all fed up with them, so on Saturday morning even 4 Klaipeda traffic police crews arrived at the office SKUODAS, check what filled the center of the inhabitants of the border region. Another forces lined up to check oncoming drivers from Mazeikiai. číst dál

The mandatory of wearing of the yellow vest

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The mandatory of wearing of the yellow vest is safety for our children. číst dál

Road accidents in cyclists should be concerned

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Road accidents in cyclists are one of the issues of concern to those responsible for the General Directorate of Traffic in recent years. According to statistics from the DGT in 2013 bicycle users they were involved in 5,835 accidents. číst dál

A man in reflective jacket steals sanitation facilities

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An unidentified man, whose appearance from security cameras now police released, he went to steal Tuesday afternoon. Under the reflective jacket carried a bag with tools. číst dál

Motorcycle equipment with reflective tape

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In today's market, there are several leading companies engaged in manufacturing motorcycle reflective accessories. Unfortunately, they often proposed prices put off potential customers. Products do not always fulfill the tasks entrusted to them, even though the quality is satisfactory. číst dál

Reflective material helps prevent accident for pedestrians

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The areas of the body that suffer more injuries are the legs, hips and legs (representing 28.7%) and trunk (23.2%). The head impacts, representing 12.7% of all injuries, are responsible for most deaths. In fact, nearly six in ten deaths (58%) have suffered head injuries in that period. číst dál