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Unlit cyclists with safety vest pay a fine

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Traffic policemen on Thursday light the riotous cyclists on číst dál

Police officers in reflective uniform reminded the children

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Here, a high concentration of higher and secondary special educational institutions. Thousands of freshmen come from the most remote areas of the republic and they need time to adapt to the conditions of life in the city, living in a hostel, to adapt to the heavy traffic. číst dál

Pedestrians are required to use reflective elements at night

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On 1 July 2015 the amendments to the rules of the road, pedestrians have binding reflective elements on clothes when driving in the dark outside the settlements. These amendments were made to the SDA decision of the Government of the Russian Federation on November 14, 2014 № 1197 "On Amendments to the Road Traffic Regulations of the Russian Federation." číst dál

Traffic police in reflective uniform

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To prove that on the highway Kiev-Odessa there is a conveyor for receiving bribes - they pretended the inspectors. What came of it - tell Andrew Anastasia. číst dál

Police officers with reflective uniform were amazed

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Police raids in Klaipeda region all fed up with them, so on Saturday morning even 4 Klaipeda traffic police crews arrived at the office SKUODAS, check what filled the center of the inhabitants of the border region. Another forces lined up to check oncoming drivers from Mazeikiai. číst dál

Cyclist wears a safe jacket with reflective elements

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During this month, police officers roads carry preventive measures for road user’s behavior on the road controls. číst dál

Children could carry reflective clothing

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As part of prevention campaigns Police of the Czech Republic, Hradec Kralove Region "I want to see" and Road Safety "See and be seen", the police in reflective uniform decided to ask the youngest road users in the form of games and demonstrations to explain to them how important it is in traffic especially in poor visibility move while being viewed. Thus, with reflectors, which are also regional coordinator BESIP children brought. číst dál

Pedestrians need to wear reflective products in dark areas

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On the last day of August it came into force the Law on Road Traffic. The most important change concerns the need for pedestrian to wear reflective products, where after dark move up areas. číst dál

Police wear safety vest and check cars and pedestrians

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Dozens of police officers dressed in reflective uniform check cars and pedestrians in the Most. číst dál

Supervising children wear reflective vest to cross street

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Wear a reflective vest, puts a cap in his hand and take the target. The patrol on the road crossing at schools helps out in Malta Boleslaw volunteers from the ranks of the elderly. "Currently, we have here a dozen seniors who cover crossings near schools, and we are more than satisfied with them," said the deputy director of the municipal police officers from Malta Boleslaw Andrej Kabala. Seven-thirty in the morning at the crossings near schools rods silhouettes officers in this city that stands seniors. Lead those to various reasons need to be bored in retirement. In Malta Boleslaw cooperation with the senior volunteers worked. In a similar way would want to put too Liberec, which is looking for volunteers from the ranks of active seniors who would keep an eye on crosswalks. Not everywhere but we managed to actually implement the idea. The intention Turnover ended in a fiasco. "Unfortunately, we only got one senior and even that at the end of the retreat," said Mayor Tomas Turnover Hocked (independent unit). číst dál

Amendment the road traffic

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MPs in the opening round to support an amendment to the Law on Road Traffic, which for example allows the operation of Seaways and pedestrians imposes an obligation to carry on a road in poor visibility reflective elements. číst dál

Road safety depends on pedestrians and drivers

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In police have no doubt that the most difficult in terms of safety for pedestrians at up. Reymont traffic moves on four lanes. - Pedestrian must realize that one staying in front of the vehicle belts that's not all, because the second car also has to face, and unfortunately not always the case - notes Gregory Mede ski of the department of traffic in the District Police Headquarters in Raciborz. We ask him if Raciborz drivers driving culture has improved in recent years and the model example. German drivers stop in front of each pedestrian interested in moving to the other side of the street. - With culture it is like driving manners. Whoever it is, this will let passerby saw in the rearview mirror Car cord - says the policeman in reflective uniform. The amendment of the rules by the Civic Platform, which is located in the Diet, it assumes that control - as is for many years in Germany - will have to respect the rights of pedestrians wishing to enter the "zebra". Not giving priority to expose him to the mandate. And today, watching them much more than they used recording equipment and a misdemeanor on the road it can be disclosed. číst dál

High school students conduct campaign on reflective elements

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On Thursday (16 July) on the New Market in Lid bark local high school students conducted a summer campaign "stay safe on the road" with reflective elements for first aid. číst dál

A man in reflective jacket steals sanitation facilities

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An unidentified man, whose appearance from security cameras now police released, he went to steal Tuesday afternoon. Under the reflective jacket carried a bag with tools. číst dál

Petrol in reflective vests to against crime

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"You can walk, remember to be seen with reflective tape, but why do you want with me pepper spray and baton?" Teresa objected from the organization People in Need. On presentation patrols came, as emphasized for it. číst dál