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A pedestrian with safety clothing crossing

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A simple statement, but it is difficult to remember. We remind you the most important information about the movement of cyclists, but with whom we should be familiar with EVERY road, and wearing your safety vest at dark condition. číst dál

Despite safety vest not seen

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Especially in the dark winter months wear many cyclists also a reflective vest in the hopes that you will be more visible. But the most glaring clothing does not protect, if motorists are distracted, phone or simply looking in the wrong direction. And that's often the accident reason than you think. číst dál

Reflective vest is important

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Between two and three hundred pouring defiant Friday obis forecast and met until torchlight and ignition of the Christmas tree in the center Os. Dei dress and is looking forward, smiling Steiner Bø. Shop The man has long experience with Flare Friday and look up not scare of some drops of rain. číst dál

Handed out 345 reflective vests

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Construction Market Loosen shared Wednesday out reflective vests to a value of 30,000 to two schools. číst dál

Traffic Vests with reflective tape for the youngest

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Bornholm Fire has once again chosen to dress the new schoolchildren on a reflective vest. číst dál

Prostitutes in Italy will be obliged to wear a reflective vest

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Sex workers is proposed to introduce a uniform like road workers - revealing tops to hide under a reflective vest and wear pants instead of short skirts. Those who refuse to follow the new rules face fines Italy. The authorities of the Italian city of Spine dada put forward a proposal to introduce uniform for prostitutes working on the highway Milan-Cremona. According to Correspondent, female sex workers is proposed to introduce a uniform like road workers - revealing tops to hide under a reflective vest and wear pants instead of short skirts. číst dál

Traffic police in reflective uniform

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To prove that on the highway Kiev-Odessa there is a conveyor for receiving bribes - they pretended the inspectors. What came of it - tell Andrew Anastasia. číst dál

Police officers with reflective uniform were amazed

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Police raids in Klaipeda region all fed up with them, so on Saturday morning even 4 Klaipeda traffic police crews arrived at the office SKUODAS, check what filled the center of the inhabitants of the border region. Another forces lined up to check oncoming drivers from Mazeikiai. číst dál

Supervising children wear reflective vest to cross street

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Wear a reflective vest, puts a cap in his hand and take the target. The patrol on the road crossing at schools helps out in Malta Boleslaw volunteers from the ranks of the elderly. "Currently, we have here a dozen seniors who cover crossings near schools, and we are more than satisfied with them," said the deputy director of the municipal police officers from Malta Boleslaw Andrej Kabala. Seven-thirty in the morning at the crossings near schools rods silhouettes officers in this city that stands seniors. Lead those to various reasons need to be bored in retirement. In Malta Boleslaw cooperation with the senior volunteers worked. In a similar way would want to put too Liberec, which is looking for volunteers from the ranks of active seniors who would keep an eye on crosswalks. Not everywhere but we managed to actually implement the idea. The intention Turnover ended in a fiasco. "Unfortunately, we only got one senior and even that at the end of the retreat," said Mayor Tomas Turnover Hocked (independent unit). číst dál

Reflective film to increase nigh race visibility

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First Night Loop is the third running event within the Active Bydgoszcz and also the first night race organized by the City of Bydgoszcz! The night light up by reflective clothing worn by runners. číst dál

High school students conduct campaign on reflective elements

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On Thursday (16 July) on the New Market in Lid bark local high school students conducted a summer campaign "stay safe on the road" with reflective elements for first aid. číst dál

Swimmer saved by colleague in reflective vest

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The misadventure night saw the swimmer Spine remain firm on the highway after seeing finish the gasoline in their cars ("but it's not my fault, “she specified with a nice jab). So it came to his rescue colleague and boyfriend Pesaro, with a reflective vest and providential gas can. He put the Prince Charming of 2015, and so brought it back to the castle. číst dál

Petrol in reflective vests to against crime

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"You can walk, remember to be seen with reflective tape, but why do you want with me pepper spray and baton?" Teresa objected from the organization People in Need. On presentation patrols came, as emphasized for it. číst dál

Measures to reduce accident rate: wear reflective coat

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The extreme weather conditions, especially in the prefectures of Macedonia and Epirus, forced the company Agnatic Odes to issue a Communication, probably "for fear of the Jews." číst dál

Pedestrians obliged to wear reflective vests

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The amendment to the Act, the Ministry of Transport will affect pedestrians, whose security is on the road, especially at night, constantly threatened. It cannot be said, however, that after all they just cars. Sometimes it is because of dark clothing pedestrians become virtually invisible, which should solve the obligation to wear reflective vests or belts. číst dál