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A pedestrian with safety clothing crossing

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A simple statement, but it is difficult to remember. We remind you the most important information about the movement of cyclists, but with whom we should be familiar with EVERY road, and wearing your safety vest at dark condition. číst dál

Despite safety vest not seen

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Especially in the dark winter months wear many cyclists also a reflective vest in the hopes that you will be more visible. But the most glaring clothing does not protect, if motorists are distracted, phone or simply looking in the wrong direction. And that's often the accident reason than you think. číst dál

Safety vest is significantly

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Thursday marked reflexes day. NAF has tested what is best visible - and concludes that the safety vest is significantly better than sticks and ribbon. But only one in four uses some of its parts. číst dál

What to put on and how to dress safety vest

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What to wear, if we want to run? Running with safety vest is unlike, say, tennis or skiing, or even far more expensive sports activity is relatively low cost. What you need is good shoes - it would start. Uppers can be purchased later and gradually. číst dál

He improved coexistence between cyclists and drivers in safety vest

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The organization highlights the Bikes for Life on Sunday again make a bike ride on Route 82 to demand more cycle lanes and improving shoulders. číst dál

Cyclists in safety vest can improve their visibility

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British Transport Research Laboratory carried out a number of tests to find out how motorcyclists and cyclists in safety vest can improve their visibility on the road. číst dál

Road safety helpful for pedestrians and cyclists

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On the road this year, six people died. Accidents are 34 more than last year. číst dál

Drivers wear reflective clothing for their nationality

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It was this place before 26 years and it was the final point of the Baltic Way. The unique road bike shares within three days to overcome even 650 kilometers from Tallinn to Vilnius and also mention and give meaning to this significant anniversary of Lithuania's initiator entire first day of the tour shared their impressions about the beaten kilometers, experienced impressions and the first trials. "It's doing better than I expected. Excellent weather, good roads and an unexpected meeting with Estonian rider of the day allowed the plan to carry out much earlier than I anticipated, "- about ... číst dál

Motorists see the children in safety vest

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The six-year Doreen is enthusiastic: "I like the vest good; I'll always wear it." And they are indeed jeweler in color yellow and the orange stripe on the side, with the hood and the two traffic detectives Felix and Frieda as imprint: the twelve safety vests, which the parents' committee member Use Lander on Tuesday to the twelve first years of the Upper Heifer basic and secondary school has distributed. číst dál

Many runners in safety vest to run at night

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Many runners in safety vest who decide to go jogging at night, either by time or by the simple fact that the world is calmer when there is less light. In the warmer months it is best to avoid high temperatures and now, although it is cooler and can succeed at almost any time of the day, with the change of time the light is limited as a six- some afternoon and it is night. číst dál

Cyclists’ safety with reflective tape

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Cyclists like people moving car or other means of transport, the provisions - orders and bans, but also the benefits that may be controversial. Because of misconceptions, between one and the second road users, there are often conflicts. For example, when control the bike ahead of other than by bike, slowly moving toward vehicles with their right hand. This way of driving annoys many drivers, because between cars cyclist without safety vest may be unnoticed and hit. However, this drive is compatible with the provisions and guilt in this case shall be borne by the driver of the car. číst dál

Cyclists are obliged to wear clothing with reflective tape

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In these days we should expect tighter checks on roads. We can expect more marked and unmarked police cars with wide orate. The police will not only control the speed, but also pay attention to the condition of sobriety managers. číst dál

Wear vest with reflective tape to cross road

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Following the accident at Gouesnac'h Wednesday, February 25, residents of Kervern hamlet called a demonstration this Saturday at 10am in front of the town hall. So pedestrians should take the reflective accessories  or reflective tape to make them visible. číst dál

Reflective clothing takes important role of emergency service

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It is 18.30 a clock on a sunny Saturday; everybody relaxes barbecuing and looking forward on watching football. Not but the lifesaver of the DRC. For it begins in the ambulance station in the beautiful by 19 a clock the night shift. číst dál

Pedestrians should wearing reflective vest to protect themselves

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Dark and alcohol all played a role in the accident, which happened on Saturday at about half past ten in the evening between Milo vice and Hare. The driver of a car already missed respond to dilapidation pedestrians who do not in reflective vest, moving close to the middle of the road. Clash took twenty-eight injured men, whose extent cannot yet be clarified. číst dál