Manna Cooling Vest is a reflective vest

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ooling Vest made by the Dutch company Manna and to be worn under any type of jacket. Today we offer you the new Cooling Vest, the reflective vest made by the Dutch company MACNA (leader in the Netherlands and Belgium for the touring sector in particular) which guarantees to travel cool for hours, even if wearing technical jackets. The vest is in fact wearable under any type of jacket.

However, let us see how it works. Just pour half a liter of water into the hole in front, and the vest will ensure ideal conditions for traveling even at high temperatures. In fact, wearing the Cooling Vest, the temperature will be lowered in a few minutes of 10/15 degrees. Cooling Vest is the first product of its kind to adopt a patented technology based on the regulated evaporation of water, guaranteeing freshness without any annoying wet effect.

Cooling Safety Vest is recommended for urban use and touring while it is not suitable for sporting activities (cross, endure or track). Practical, comfortable and light is offered at an attractive price: € 119.95 and is available for both men and women in sizes ranging from XS to 6XL.

Manna, producer of Cooling Vest, is a Dutch motorcycle clothing brand, a long-time leader in the Netherlands and Belgium, in particular in the touring sector. Particularly appreciated by BMW owners, for some time the brand has been on foreign markets, obtaining a growing success to be present today in 48 countries. The expansion of the markets has also led to an expansion of the range, with a catalog with products specifically designed for the countries of the southern European area.

A dynamic internal R & D department allows to continuously introducing innovations resulting from the most advanced technologies, always finding original solutions to increase the comfort and safety of motorcyclists. Such as the Night Eye technology and the high visibility clothing, we have proposed today. The first is a real revolution in terms of high visibility, for those who do not want to give up security while maintaining a sober look during the day. The articles made with this technology (jackets, trousers and vests) will light up during the night like a beacon, while maintaining their original color during the day. Microscopic glass spheres intensely reflect light, even when exposed to low light sources.

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