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Will there be a fine if there is no reflective vest in the car

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reflective-vest.jpgThe life of motorists is significantly complicated by the fact that laws are changing very rapidly and it is very difficult for even a conscientious and experienced driver to keep track of all the innovations. Recently, another rule has appeared that obliges drivers to have reflective vests in the car. číst dál

Reflective stickers on motorcycle helmets

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sugoi-zap-bike-jacket_4.jpgMandatory? What sanctions? How to put them? číst dál

What to take abroad with you? Mandatory car equipment

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089z8ebt4j4wgwetb57moqs800.jpgIn the face of crowds in Polish resorts, the prospect of going abroad is tempting for many Poles. What should you take with you in the car when you enter a foreign country? You need to take into account not only road law, but also pandemic regulations. číst dál

Reflective vest: Its characteristics and the correct way to use it

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high-visible-custom-color-reflective-safety-vest-jpg-350x350.jpgAs of January 1, all vehicles must wear a reflective vest, a measure that seeks to reduce traffic accidents and collisions with drivers when they get out of cars. číst dál