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Specialized Expert Road shoes on test

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Finding a shoe on one's feet is not easy. Like a saddle, you must often test many models before you can find the ideal product for you. číst dál

Major Catwalk trends for Fall Winter 2019-20

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Trend-stop gives readers of Fashion-united an early taste of the most important clothing, accessory and shoe influences for Fall Winter 2019-20 woman's fashion. číst dál

What are the most repeated and most unknown sanctions at the wheel?

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From not using the indicator to not knowing how to place the triangles, going through the obligation to drive in the right lane or having the tires in good condition. These are the most imposed sanctions. číst dál

Three municipalities are getting cleaner

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It was a good idea that was carried out for the first time across communities. This refers to the "Macadam" garbage collection campaign of the municipal youth office, which has now also been organized with those responsible for the communities in Kirchhoff and Pullback. číst dál

The policemen controlled the truants and showed the students the police station

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In connection with the first day of spring falling on the day of the 21st of March and the associated tradition of organizing by children and adolescents the so-called With the Cowardice Day, the Aviator Police Headquarters in Cochran joined the activities aimed at ensuring an optimal level of security for both the participants of these celebrations and other people. číst dál

The pedestrian did not survive the collision with the car, the pedestrian in Kindy had more luck

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In the village of Eleven in the Desk Krummhorn region, a 72-year-old pedestrian died on Sunday evening when crossing the road. Senior arrived in high speed at an arriving car. However, it was not the only Sunday accident involving a pedestrian. číst dál

New signage on five tourist trails

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In the framework of the survey in the Provincial Network of Trails, in the last two weeks were signaled: Lacuna DE lo Pompano (Churriguera Glacier), Cicero Bridges, Velveeta AL Cicero Cortege, Marquesas Lagoon and Cicero Del Media. číst dál

Police Understate draws positive balance

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166 vehicles were inspected by police officers in and around Understate, in particular cell and belt violations were registered. The aim of the campaign is to increase traffic safety. číst dál

The man was lying on the street, a car hit him

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A 47-year-old pedestrian died on the spot. The accident occurred on Tuesday. Railway in Corpora. The police and the prosecutor's office determine the circumstances of the incident. číst dál

Mag gives you the things you do not have to miss out of the car

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Mag equips your car for the cold season. This winter does not go to your loved ones if you miss the following important objects in the car. Some of them are required by law, others make your life easier. číst dál


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It is time to receive with open arms the most daring and daring trends of the new season, which although at first glance throw us a little back, then when you see how great it is to give that different touch in your style, you will love them. And Berserk knows it. That's why he has launched his most crazy collection: a fashion with which you will not go unnoticed. Let's welcome our wardrobe to reflective clothing, girls. číst dál

Bicycle and pedestrian accidents

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In the dark season, darkness, rainfall and cold, combined with difficult road conditions, harbor many dangers. All road users are particularly required. Pedestrians and cyclists are often difficult to recognize. Motorists are more difficult to drive through reflections or missing all-around visibility. číst dál

Celia publishes models in partnership with NASA and the NBA

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The brand delivers a capsule of clothing and accessories from the padded down jacket to the white fleece pants with the premiere and tops in the colors of the larger US teams with the second. číst dál

Preschoolers learn safety on the roads

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The 11th edition of the campaign - 'How to Drive Safely on the Road' - has already started - kindergartens and schools are visited by police officers, Bridge-stone employees and the yellow 'accidental' dummy Jan, who teach what 997 means, why you have to fasten the seat belts in the car and what you have to do, as you can see, the fire truck coming up on the signals. číst dál

That does not stop!

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From 1 November to 31 March, motorists can equip their cars with winter tires. Although the law does not explicitly stipulate a "general obligation", it is never known what weather conditions the driver will encounter or how he suddenly changes. Therefore, winter tires can be recommended as temperatures fall below 7 °C. At the end of the autumn, many other hazards associated with fog, rain, darkness or the movement of the game on the road lie on motorists. It is also necessary to prepare it properly. Here are our helpful tips on how to prevent damage. číst dál