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The mandatory of wearing of the yellow vest

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The mandatory of wearing of the yellow vest is safety for our children. číst dál

Drivers wear reflective clothing for their nationality

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It was this place before 26 years and it was the final point of the Baltic Way. The unique road bike shares within three days to overcome even 650 kilometers from Tallinn to Vilnius and also mention and give meaning to this significant anniversary of Lithuania's initiator entire first day of the tour shared their impressions about the beaten kilometers, experienced impressions and the first trials. "It's doing better than I expected. Excellent weather, good roads and an unexpected meeting with Estonian rider of the day allowed the plan to carry out much earlier than I anticipated, "- about ... číst dál

Motorists see the children in safety vest

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The six-year Doreen is enthusiastic: "I like the vest good; I'll always wear it." And they are indeed jeweler in color yellow and the orange stripe on the side, with the hood and the two traffic detectives Felix and Frieda as imprint: the twelve safety vests, which the parents' committee member Use Lander on Tuesday to the twelve first years of the Upper Heifer basic and secondary school has distributed. číst dál

Reflective clothing assure safety of motorists

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With the proliferation of construction sites in Quebec, orange cones manufacturers are overworked this year. There are currently nearly 100,000, on roads in the province to ensure the safety of motorists without reflective clothing. číst dál

The new rules of Reflective helmets

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Taking it today two new rules lay down by the reform of the Highway Code launched in late July. The first concerns the reflective helmets commonly called "a bowl" or "pan", which now will go into retirement. Since 2001 it has been prohibited the sale, but the use was still permitted on "mopeds". Now after nine years this type of helmets will be completely banned, because the helmet is considered unsafe. Who will be pinched driving a moped or motorcycle with a helmet on his head out of the norm in danger of being subjected to administrative detention for 90 days of the medium and a fine of 74 Euros? číst dál

Many runners in safety vest to run at night

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Many runners in safety vest who decide to go jogging at night, either by time or by the simple fact that the world is calmer when there is less light. In the warmer months it is best to avoid high temperatures and now, although it is cooler and can succeed at almost any time of the day, with the change of time the light is limited as a six- some afternoon and it is night. číst dál

This nautical reflective jacket features the best

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The new Skeen Race Jacket for men and women is the culmination of 135 years of experience in higher water protection. This nautical reflective jacket features the best in durability and functionality for coastal navigation with a relaxed cut that provides comfort and mobility. Designed for maritime activities both sail and motor, the Skeen Race is made with Hilly Tech® Performance fabrics that ensure complete waterproof protection and breathability overall. Its classic design hides a number of attributes, including high visibility hood that provides safety at sea, high fleece lined collar, ... číst dál

Road accidents in cyclists should be concerned

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Road accidents in cyclists are one of the issues of concern to those responsible for the General Directorate of Traffic in recent years. According to statistics from the DGT in 2013 bicycle users they were involved in 5,835 accidents. číst dál

Children could carry reflective clothing

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As part of prevention campaigns Police of the Czech Republic, Hradec Kralove Region "I want to see" and Road Safety "See and be seen", the police in reflective uniform decided to ask the youngest road users in the form of games and demonstrations to explain to them how important it is in traffic especially in poor visibility move while being viewed. Thus, with reflectors, which are also regional coordinator BESIP children brought. číst dál

Road safety should be concerned

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Yes’s that time again - many people go out of the house when it is still dark and come home when it gets dark again. Especially at this time (and at night) happen about one-third of all traffic accidents - because of the darkness. The danger of killed in road traffic, at night is twice as high as on the day. Because of the early invading darkness is "see and be seen to be" just in the autumn and winter months imperative appeals road safety officer of the District Office Kelley, Bernhard Strauss. He has created a checklist. číst dál

The reflective work coveralls benefits to the employees

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Provide multiple levels of protection and at the same time be attractive, and the hut far, around the clock. This need not be a contradiction. The reflective work coveralls at ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe offer multiple benefits to the employees. The latest generation is now available in native style with embroidered company logo and more functionality, such as reflective strips. číst dál