Období: květen 2021

Helmets were handed out for delivery workers

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The National Road Safety Agency, together with the Government of the Province of La Rioja, relaunched the "Federal Program for the Delivery of Helmets and Reflective Equipment". číst dál

Playing soccer with the police

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After the children returned to school, the police officers resumed their routine meetings with students, talking about safety. Last week, the district councilor, together with preventive care, told the first graders about safety during the holidays, as well as about a safe stay at home. The officers from Nowy Dwór know how to best reach children and adolescents. číst dál

A helping hand for cyclists to equip themselves with safety equipment

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During the municipal council of December 9, the city of Cahors voted to grant a bonus to individuals of € 50 for assistance in the purchase of safety equipment for cycling (within the limits of available funds ). Issued in the form of a bicycle check, this aid granted to non-taxable households makes it possible to acquire accessories such as helmets, locks, lighting devices, reflective retractors, reflective vests, anti-theft engraving, etc. in partner stores (1) of the operation. číst dál

Mandatory car equipment on the way to Germany

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As in other countries, drivers need to follow local road rules - this includes mandatory equipment unless they want to risk a fine. číst dál

Children & Horses: "Mom, I want a pony!"

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Horses on bed linen, school bags, T-shirts, and wallets. Horses are always on the lookout on vacation and somehow every conversation ends on the subject of horses. If this applies to your child, then the offspring is very likely "horse mad ". What immediately sounds like a psychosomatic illness is in truth pure fascination for horses and equestrian sports. Riding is a valuable hobby for the youngsters, but it also involves a lot of time and money. Because in most cases it is not a temporary phase - the horse becomes the center of life. číst dál

With the horse in traffic: When a lot of horsepower meets one horsepower

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Cars and horses in traffic - mutual consideration is required číst dál