Období: únor 2020

Can you spot the person on the roadside?

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reflective tapesHow much does it have to say if you use reflex - or drop it? číst dál

"Make it noticeable": patrol police have released bags with reflective stripes

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reflective stripesThe Patrol Police launched the Svitlostrochka initiative, aimed at reducing the risk of accidents on the road in the dark. Under the project, the agency, together with experts from the International Criminal Investigation Assistance Curriculum (ICITAP) at the US Department of Justice, developed and launched a batch of special bags with reflective stripes. číst dál

Reflective vests marked with a 30-symbol should make the drivers light on the accelerator pedal

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Reflective VestSeveral hundred parents at Disen, Grefsen, and Kjelsås were today wearing reflective vests with a clear 30-zone symbol on their backs, during this year's reflective vest. číst dál

Instruction: how not to get lost in the forest and what to do if it still happened

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Reflective VestSecurity instructor of the search and rescue squad "Lisa Alert" Yulia Sviridenkova told about the rules of life of the mushroom picker: how to prepare for a trip to the forest, what you must take with you, how the search and rescue operation of the squad works, and how to behave if you do get lost in the forest. číst dál

The traffic police distributed flickers and reflective vests

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 safety vestsThe action to improve traffic safety was organized by the chairman of the Mukhavets village executive committee Alexander Kasperuk, by the way, a former employee of the traffic police. číst dál