Období: rok 2016

Assistants in safety vest collect 40 cubic meters of garbage

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Putzmunter starts Felix, armed with trash grippers, gloves and safety vest, on his little wheel to take part in the action "Clean City". He is accompanied by mom and grandma. Felix is ​​the first time, his great-grandfather, Franz, former chairman of the Traffic and Beautification Association had launched this initiative to life 42 years ago. číst dál

Shell gas station workers in safety vest

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White shirt, safety vest in signal yellow and a dark sports trousers: In the clothes question the North retail and workshop owners Holger was agreed with his guest Patrick, head of the Shell gas station business in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, on Wednesday. číst dál

A pedestrian with safety clothing crossing

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A simple statement, but it is difficult to remember. We remind you the most important information about the movement of cyclists, but with whom we should be familiar with EVERY road, and wearing your safety vest at dark condition. číst dál