Období: prosinec 2014

Safety vest in the car become compulsory from July

stebenda.blogerka.cz (») | 29. 12. 2014 | přečteno: 1237× | komentáře: 0
In France, Spain, Italy and Hungary motorists are asked to pay fine if without safety vest in the car. From 1 July, German motorists have to pay. However, they come off lightly. číst dál

Road widened and equipped with reflective tape

stebenda.blogerka.cz (») | 25. 12. 2014 | přečteno: 970× | komentáře: 0
Repair and third class road widening between Hradec Králové nad Labem and the high is not yet in sight. The density of traffic on the narrow roads is increasing year on year, and especially for the increasing cyclists who wearing reflective vest and riding every day to work or school. For them, it is literally a nightmare, at each round, the way to gamble with their lives. číst dál

Policeman charged with dangerous driving in Lakeshore

stebenda.blogerka.cz (») | 17. 12. 2014 | přečteno: 886× | komentáře: 0
A southwestern Ontario police officer in reflective safety vest is charged with dangerous driving causing bodily harm. číst dál

Rouen is launching a preventive operation to cyclists

stebenda.blogerka.cz (») | 11. 12. 2014 | přečteno: 1008× | komentáře: 0
Ongoing prevention campaign with a municipal police strengthens its controls of cyclists until the end of the month. číst dál

Illuminates your night training with reflective LED harness

stebenda.blogerka.cz (») | 4. 12. 2014 | přečteno: 1138× | komentáře: 0
Many runners who decide to go jogging at night wearing bright reflective safety vest, either by time or by the simple fact that the world is quieter when there is less light. In the warmer months it is best to avoid high temperatures and now, although it is cooler and you can succeed at almost any time of day, with the change of time the light is more limited as six-some evening and it is night. číst dál

Safety vest become compulsory for drivers

stebenda.blogerka.cz (») | 1. 12. 2014 | přečteno: 1052× | komentáře: 0
From July 1, a reflective vest duty also applies in Germany. It must be present in each vehicle a safety vest. Shortly before the deadline, however, know 42 percent of drivers still unaware of the new regime, as is evident from a recent survey of the online portal. Although among more than 2,000 respondents, three-quarters of women (75%) and two-thirds of male vehicle owners (69%) already holds a safety vest. However, more than one in four has yet to be retrofitted (28%). číst dál