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The trendy reflective accessories for your bike (») | 21. 6. 2017 | přečteno: 586× | komentáře: 0
With the return of warm weather, the bike has a storefront. The Grand Morning team selected accessories and equipment for you to be the best, head to the grindstone. číst dál

Modern reflective accessories are needed (») | 28. 2. 2017 | přečteno: 584× | komentáře: 0
Day of the Innocents 2016 Undercard and in our village could not pass a single child. Besides the fact that we consequently so withered and sick, not to go to heaven and the year of ailments are klieg’s klutz and afflicted, I wonder what's happened just in a few years. Why are booming Valentine’s Day and Halloween with reflective material, while the Grampus Card Writing is Sang and sunk without trace, and now seems the Sharpen to be doomed to certain destruction? číst dál

Reflective accessories makes more visible (») | 13. 6. 2015 | přečteno: 875× | komentáře: 0
I present new American company running shoes with reflective tape 'Tope Athletic', based in Boston and directed by Tony Post (To-Po) former CEO (Chief executive officer) of Viral. The CEO, or the CEO Castilian, is generally the highest position of a company. I remind you that Viral pioneered the minimalist USA and brand that brought the concept "five fingers" and I think the minimal trend and the controversy as to the minimum vs. maxims still fishtailing soles... číst dál

Safer school: Pupils got reflective accessory (») | 27. 4. 2015 | přečteno: 999× | komentáře: 0
Without reflective accessories pedestrians or cyclists on the roads will have unnecessary chances of having accidents. Especially in low light conditions because the driver are hard to see. Reflective elements also recently received schoolchildren in villages in the Frydek-Mistek. číst dál