Období: únor 2017

Modern reflective accessories are needed

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Day of the Innocents 2016 Undercard and in our village could not pass a single child. Besides the fact that we consequently so withered and sick, not to go to heaven and the year of ailments are klieg’s klutz and afflicted, I wonder what's happened just in a few years. Why are booming Valentine’s Day and Halloween with reflective material, while the Grampus Card Writing is Sang and sunk without trace, and now seems the Sharpen to be doomed to certain destruction? číst dál

Police in safety vest checks in Frankfurt

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The Frankfurt city police in safety vest control in the next two weeks motorists and cyclists. Now in the fall the risk of accidents increases. číst dál

Safety vest - through the autumn safer

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Although the days in the near future must always shorter and wetter, completely dismount the bicycle adults and children still do not. Provided one is well prepared. "It is important that the cyclists are recognizable without wearing safety vest," explains Brigitte, senior manager at Garden art-Bikes. číst dál

Drivers are insecure in the dark: pedestrians without safety vest

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Adverse weather and poor visibility of pedestrians and cyclists without safety vest: Autumn confronted motorists with special challenges that often trigger a queasy feeling. For example, a representative Forsa survey commissioned by According Cosmos Direct four out of five drivers (80 percent) in the dark by poorly visible pedestrians and cyclists feel very insecure continuous rain, the traffic safety additionally impact. 65 percent of respondents said that wet road surfaces and reflective cause great uncertainty with them. "Especially pedestrians and cyclists should always with appropriate clothing protection when visibility is poor," advises Bernd Kaiser, insurance expert Cosmos Direct. "Reflective clothing or a reflective vest can increase their own visibility. číst dál

Reflective vest for cyclists in the winter

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Cycling is only for summer and spring? That's not true. Even with snow in the winter you can go cycling - if you notice some gimmicks. Cycling in the snowy winter is a special challenge. But it can be mastered with the right equipment and the appropriate setting of the average radar. číst dál

Two men died on the spot without safety vest

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Two pedestrians without wearing safety vest killed after hit by personal fiat. Control car was sober. The incident took place on the road at the height of the junction with the road to the village; there was a fatal traffic accident. číst dál

Innovative bulletproof safety vests from Szczytno

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Police officers in safety vest from the Police Academy in Szczytno test lightweight bulletproof vests and protect against attacks with sharp objects. Life jackets are exactly matched to the body through the use of three-dimensional scanning. číst dál

Police officers in safety vest showed how to be safe

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Over channel Babur Street. Iron Sagan has been carried out shows the rescue of persons, under which broke off the ice. For prevention activities organized by firefighters in safety clothing joined police officers from the command of the district in Sagan. číst dál

Action "Safe Unprotected" by police in safety vests

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Concerned about the safety of pedestrians and cyclists, police in safety vest conduct Feb. 3 action "Safe Unprotected". číst dál