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Students need caring more about road safety

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People need to care more about the road safety. The number of accidents on the school and home routes has increased massively over the previous year. This mainly affects the 13- to 15-year-olds, it is said in the published on Tuesday accident Traffic Statistics 2016, the Cantonal Police St. Galen. číst dál

This reflective spray makes us shine

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Reflective material Marking Spray číst dál

Older people at risk on road without reflective clothing

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All 52 seconds had to take a traffic accident, the police in reflective vest in NRW last. And every seven minutes a man came in road traffic damage. On Monday the NRW Interior Minister Hunter presented the statistics for 2015 - with remarkable detail. číst dál

Running with reflective clothing: Many stadiums are illuminated

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Bastian is actually a footballer. He works in the sports department of the city Lagerfeld. To train his condition, he likes to run in the summer in the woods with wear a reflective vest, but in the dark season like he does his rounds in the light - preferably on the tracks of the John stadium. He is one who is now benefiting from the service in town. The switches every Monday and every Wednesday at 17:00 against (but not earlier than from dark) two poles of the floodlights at the stadium. "Train On the other days teams on the court. Then the floodlights anyway could also during this time in operation and runners their rounds turn," said Kirsten, Head of daycare, school, sports, thus responding to requests from athletes. The measure is to the end of February, except for the Christmas holidays. Nordic walking poles are not allowed. číst dál

Wear reflective clothing avoid dangerous on the motorway

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Police in safety vest warns: On the west motorway between Salzburg-Nord and the Walsenburg black ice has formed. At junction Salzburg, there are already five kilometers jams. číst dál

Traffic education for road safety

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In the period from 24 October 2016 until March 30, 2017 was the two traffic educator’s police inspection Samberg, PHK Herald Hotelman and POK Horst Sterol, conducted in the schools of the city Samberg and the district, the student education of road safety. číst dál

Road safety examination on the two-wheel

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In college Fleuron, Thursday's day was dedicated to prevention and safety. The police in safety vest conducted inspections to report to owners of defective motorcycles. číst dál

Drivers of "Uber motorcycle taxis" in safety vest

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Created in November, the Smartphone application Safe Bode has a hundred registered drivers, divided into twenty stations across Kampala. Drivers all wear reflective clothing when drive the motorcycle. číst dál

Road Safety: Prevention MAIF to school

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Educate, inform, educate, here are the three missions of the MAIF Prevention Association. Its action program is mainly implemented in schools. The night is dangerous and we need to care more about road safety of children. číst dál

Prevention: 30 000 fluorescent vests at AXA and Club14

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You do not have put your yellow vest under the seat to prevent the plum of Control? AXA Club 14 and give you a chance to fall in line with 30,000 vests soon be available in branches and on their website. An offer which is, we believe, half good news. číst dál

A security corridor by reflective material

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Improving the safety of first responder’s road is the creation of a law providing for a security corridor. This is demanded by the members' Proud to be convenience "of which the Sauvignon Jimmy Breton. číst dál

Robots wear safety vest in school

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In a new research project about robots with wear a reflective vest in school children should get acting teacher to a robot programmed as "the ideal student" - that is curious, inquisitive and want to know and understand everything. Those children learn well by teaching to others already known. Now University West to find out if the robot's learning behavior can "rub off" on the children. číst dál