Období: říjen 2019

New jackets for security guard

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reflective vest Bavaria's security guard is better equipped and should be easier to recognize. For the 25th anniversary, the volunteer police helpers get neon yellow warning reflective vests, flashlights, and a better pepper spray. The model of their new dark blue jackets is the modern Bavarian police uniforms. číst dál

Reflective children's warning vests

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reflective tapesAt the beginning of school, the Taferlklassler of the elementary school Stoob of Provincial Governor Hans Peter Doskozil and ARBÖ President Peter Rezar received reflective children's warning vests. číst dál

Hunters equip the Stockheim Abc shooters with orange safety vests

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reflective tapesThe Glückauf elementary school Stockheim is very concerned about the safety of their Abc- Schützen. On the second day of the school, the 41 first-graders of the school was equipped with orange, glowing children's warning vests with reflective strips in cooperation with the Hunting Protection. číst dál

More safety on the way to school

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reflective vest "The dark season has begun", directed the director of the AOK Regensburg, Richard Deml, his words to two first classes of the Father Rupert Mayer special school. číst dál

Pedestrians should now protect themselves with reflective clothing

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safety vestIn the morning, it gets late, then darker in the evening. This increases the risk of accidents for pedestrians, who are overlooked by other road users due to the darkness and often adverse weather conditions. "It has probably already happened to every driver," writes police spokesman Michael Tietze in a press release. "Suddenly, a pedestrian appears in the headlights, of which shortly before there was nothing to see." If then added rain, dazzling headlights or even a brief distraction, accidents were almost programmed. číst dál

The police are preparing increased inspections

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reflective vest Majówka is traditionally heavy traffic on roads throughout Poland. The police point out that most cars will leave on April 30 and May 5, and that's when the biggest difficulties will come. Officers are preparing increased roadside checks throughout the picnic. číst dál

Traffic regulations in Norway - are you sure you know them?

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reflective tapesLiving in the Country of Fjords requires Norwegian Polonia not only to know where to find a job, what rates apply and in which industries it is best to find employment. Every day, many of us use cars, and for this reason, it is worth knowing which traffic regulations in Norway apply. Even if you live here for many years - it's worth remembering some of them. číst dál

In autumn more dangers on the road

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reflective tapesLet us remember that autumn is a time of year when we face special threats. Poor visibility, quickly falling dusk, rainfall or fog are factors that require special attention from drivers and pedestrians. That is why we urge you to increase care for your safety on the road. číst dál

Police and citizens cooperate, raise traffic safety awareness

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reflective vest On the 24th and 26th of September during the autumn national traffic safety campaign, the Kakogawa Police Station and the Kakogawa Traffic Safety Association went to retired elderly homes to raise awareness of traffic safety. číst dál

Participation in "Mie Road Safety and Environmental Festa 2019"!

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 reflective materialJAF (Japan Automobile Federation) Mie Branch (Head of the branch, Hisashi Kawakita) is the venue for the event "Mie Traffic Safety and Environment Festa 2019" to be held at the Mie Prefectural Museum (MieMu) on Saturday, September 28 Will exhibit a seat belt effect experience car. číst dál

Kannonji City becomes a childcare facility

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reflective vest In May in Otsu City, nursery school children on a walk involved in a car crash. Kanonji City, Kagawa Prefecture, made the best of the fluorescent colors reflective vests for childcare workers when they walked, present to 22 childcare facilities in the city. In cooperation with the prefectural police, we are also trying to improve the walking route by improving the road prospects. číst dál

A mistake that drivers make when a vehicle fails

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reflective vest In recent years, more accidents have occurred on the highways with serious injuries and even fatalities because participants were not careful enough to stop their vehicles and others were not. The cops came up with some tips for what to do in the event of a vehicle breakdown. The driver who is running out of fuel on the highway or having his vehicle break down should try to stop at the highway rest area, SOS downhill niche or back lane or. to leave the highway. If he stops at an SOS niche or highway carriage, immediately turn on all four turn signals, put on a reflective vest with reflective material and set up a safety triangle. číst dál

What do you do when your car has a flat tire?

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safety vestWhen you notice that a tire has been emptied on your car, stop as soon as possible in a safe place by the side of the road and in no case drive forward, as an empty tire can be very dangerous. In this case, the car significantly changes its driving characteristics, which have a bad effect mainly on goat driving or when braking. Also, if you continue to drive with an empty tire, you run the risk of destroying it, even if a quick repair is sufficient. In extreme cases, the tire may be removed from the rim, the rim may be damaged, and the suspension may also be badly affected. číst dál

Volvo will spray paint cyclists

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 reflective materialTheir latest security measures still have a somewhat surprising dispute. číst dál

85 years old and thrives on horseback

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safety vestReidunn has ridden for many years and has no plans to quit the first. Horseback riding and horses are a big part of her life and give her a lot of joy in everyday life. číst dál