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How to implement motorcycle controls for road safety

stebenda.blogerka.cz (») | 30. 11. 2017 | přečteno: 537× | komentáře: 0
He was assured by Radio Tornado, the Undersecretary of Institutional Relations before the implementation of changes in the Traffic Law to combat the "motorcycle.” číst dál

Promoting children walk to school with reflective vest

stebenda.blogerka.cz (») | 29. 11. 2017 | přečteno: 555× | komentáře: 0
Promoting the arrival on foot, by bicycle or scooter with wear safety vest to schools to avoid the crowds of vehicles at the doors of schools is the goal of the latest initiative launched yesterday by the City Council of Narvon. číst dál

Rocco in safety vest is the great star of Catelli

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With his safety vest and sunglasses steals all eyes on the corner of Catelli and Catamarca. He found next to his friend, the "dirty" Mario. Rocco, it is about him, is the "dog" star of the neighborhood. číst dál

Wear a safety vest when change a car wheel ourselves

stebenda.blogerka.cz (») | 27. 11. 2017 | přečteno: 480× | komentáře: 0
A wheel can be punctured at any time and in any place, so we must be prepared. In addition, the safety vest is necessary when you change the wheel. číst dál

Security guards threaten to go on strike

stebenda.blogerka.cz (») | 23. 11. 2017 | přečteno: 522× | komentáře: 0
This is how the security guards feel, that yesterday they concentrated on the Adie station in Tarragona to demand a series of rights and achieve the dignity of this sector. Claudio, one of the security guards in reflective uniform who yesterday were together with 50 other comrades in the station, says that they are carrying out these mobilizations at the state level mainly to request a fair national collective agreement and collect the extra risk, that in the last few years have cut by up to 87%. číst dál

The fines that risk motorists who do not wear reflective vests

stebenda.blogerka.cz (») | 22. 11. 2017 | přečteno: 428× | komentáře: 0
From January 1 2016, the security kits of all cars must have this element. číst dál

The mandatory reflective vest for motorists

stebenda.blogerka.cz (») | 21. 11. 2017 | přečteno: 522× | komentáře: 0
From January 1, this reflective element must be in all motorized vehicles of Chileans. číst dál

Driver suffers a fatal accident after not wearing a reflective vest

stebenda.blogerka.cz (») | 20. 11. 2017 | přečteno: 550× | komentáře: 0
A driver died on the morning of this Tuesday to be run over after not wearing reflective vest in the street, in the commune of Rena. číst dál

New controls for motorcyclists to combat insecurity

stebenda.blogerka.cz (») | 17. 11. 2017 | přečteno: 528× | komentáře: 0
As of June 15, drivers must have the patent on the helmet and the accompanying persons must wear a reflective vest with the identification of the domain both on the front and on the back. číst dál

Keep the road safety rule is keeping your safety

stebenda.blogerka.cz (») | 16. 11. 2017 | přečteno: 496× | komentáře: 0
Do you know the road traffic regulations? The logical thing is to think that we all know it, except for a small detail that escapes us, but well, nothing too important ... Or is it. If it turns out that, we commit infractions on a daily basis that we are not aware. Some of them could cost us fines and even withdrawal of points. These are some of the most frequent: číst dál

Bulletproof safety vests cover all Local Police

stebenda.blogerka.cz (») | 15. 11. 2017 | přečteno: 518× | komentáře: 0
The City Council has already tendered for 82,547 Euros the purchase of 93 units and the rest will be purchased next year. The Local Police will have personal bulletproof safety vest for all the troops that usually walk the street. The commitment made by the Councilor for Citizen Security, Antonio Lorenzo, with unions such as UGT will allow the Costello policemen, who until now had to share this personal safety garment, have their own vest. číst dál

The security police in safety vest test 15 sites

stebenda.blogerka.cz (») | 14. 11. 2017 | přečteno: 506× | komentáře: 0
The future security police in safety vest of the daily promised by Emmanuel Macron will be tested on "fifteen sites" in early 2018, announced Friday the Director General of the National Police (DGPN), Eric Moran. "There will be an experiment on about fifteen sites that will cover a wide range of situations because the territory, the neighborhoods, the cities of delinquency, according to the geographical basins, is not the same. We will endeavor to test the device in different operational situations, "said the head of the national police on Europe 1. číst dál

Road safety: the yellow vest is now mandatory

stebenda.blogerka.cz (») | 13. 11. 2017 | přečteno: 508× | komentáře: 0
This is the implementation of Decree No. 2015-514 of May 7, 2015 relating to the detention and wearing of the high visibility vest. It has long been a question of wearing a yellow safety vest to bikers. A measure is that was scandalous and had been abandoned. But failing to admit defeat, the government has returned to the charge but in a different way. Like motorists who must have a yellow vest in their vehicles, since January 1, motorcyclists must also have this device on them in the case of immobilization. číst dál

Yellow vests to prevent accidents

stebenda.blogerka.cz (») | 10. 11. 2017 | přečteno: 499× | komentáře: 0
Accidents multiply during periods of time change. Foley hikers and cyclists have received yellow vests to be seen well. The figure is national but it is unfortunately also for the Indri: at the time of the change of time which thus intervened on the night of Saturday with Sunday, the accidents between the vehicles, the pedestrians and cyclists, increase by 43%. číst dál

Road safety Education for Schoolchildren

stebenda.blogerka.cz (») | 9. 11. 2017 | přečteno: 548× | komentáře: 0
Thursday, April 27, in the framework of the APER (attestation of first education to the road), the pupils in safety vest of the classes of CE2, CM1 and CM2 of the public school were initiated with the rules and the behaviors related to the use of the road. This is the first step of the mandatory "educational continuum" at school for road safety education. It validates students' knowledge as pedestrians, passengers and riders. Supervised by teachers and volunteers from the MAIF, a partner of the operation, they participated in a bike afternoon during a road safety circuit that put the schoolchildren in real traffic conditions. číst dál