Období: říjen 2017

A kid's life jacket that slips on like a t-shirt

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Putting a life safety jacket on a child can quickly become a perilous exercise, as long as it moves there are straps everywhere or the vest is not intuitive to buckle. Tripod - a sailing sports brand at Decathlon - has just released a simple-to-use lifejacket that simply puts on like a T-shirt: the Easy lifejacket. číst dál

The yellow vest for schoolchildren of school trip

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This morning Ankle Garza Regional Opposition Advisor to the Pays de la Loire Region and Vincent Masada Deputy Mayor of La Vienne was at a school bus stop to distribute yellow vests, and sensitize young people to the wearing of the vest."We propose to equip all students taking the school bus, yellow safety vests. In fact, it is during the journey home / stops because the accidents are the highest. Say the two elected. During the 10 months of the school year, most of the time is spent picking up early in the morning or late at night. In addition, winter conditions (rain, fog ...) are all fact... číst dál

A Caterpillar t-shirt under his safety vest

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372 former workers in yellow vest of Caterpillar Belgium in Gosse lies (Charleroi), who had integrated the conversion cells, have already found a job, said Thursday the Forum spokeswoman. According to her, 70% of them even signed an indefinite contract (CDI). Of the former Caterpillar workers, about 50 have found work at Inferable. The manager of the railway network was very interested in their qualified profile. Our journalists Aurelia Benetton and Guillaume Wiles reveal why. číst dál

A new version for the famous MIR protection vest

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MIR's PRO-TOR-EIP inaugurated a revolutionary concept for carting coast protection. The new version high visibility vest just introduced further enhances the product while adding a modern and dynamic look. číst dál

Safety: Let's keep the roads clean

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In a farm yard, workers in safety vest will use the tractors and agricultural, tractors and agricultural machinery can cause sludge or grain deposits that make the roadway slippery, day or night. číst dál

Theater, support of road safety

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Friday, as part of the project of the Fortnight of road safety and prevention, coordinated by Jean-Dominique Fount and the city of Miranda, a small theatrical performance was organized by the team of extracurricular activities Elementary School and the Miranda’s Association West Roux. číst dál

Safe school path - "walking bus" is not a self-running

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Barely parents in Bochum are committed to the award-winning school path initiative. But the walking buses continue in Legendre and Lithe. The school way model from England strengthens traffic safety, sense of responsibility and fitness of primary school children. číst dál

Report your child as a traffic detective

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Report your child as a traffic detective and win a Mercedes A, B or C class or one of 1000 additional prizes worth 150,000 Euros. číst dál

Bike tour with dog - this is how it goes

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You like to ride a bike and want to integrate your dog into the activity? With the right equipment is no problem. Cycling is healthy and good for the environment. In addition, movement makes both bikers and quad bikes a like fun. With the right Reflective equipment, the bike ride can be a great hobby for you and your dog. číst dál

With safety vest and broom in the parking lot labyrinth

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When every hour tells a story, the day has 24 stories. This is what we tell in a series. From 9 to 10 o'clock we are with Manfred Rudolph in the parking garage. He is the man who grooms after the others have celebrated in the SI-center. číst dál

Safety vest provide security of Students

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First-year students will soon be back in the dark in the autumn and will often master their own path for the first time. In order to prevent road hazards, the ADAC Foundation "Geber Engel" will be distributing 750,000 safety vests to first-graders again this year - also at primary schools in the Ampersand. číst dál

For more safety - kindergarten gets warning vests

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Just like him, other girls and boys from the Kindergarten are also well-known in the future. They received 50 warning vests, sponsored by Active-pro Streamer and Stahlberg. číst dál

A safety vest for everyone is already assured

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"The patrol cars in many departments are over-aged and have an enormous mileage of more than 300,000 kilometers," criticized the GDP regional chairman Dietary Schiff. In the police area of ​​the Hanover region, two police commissaries are particularly negative. One travels in reflective vest with an old Pass at patrol, which ran for around 400,000 kilometers. Another part has no vehicles at all. číst dál

Students in safety vest learn the bicycle test

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Putting on the helmets, putting on safety vest, checking the wheelchair of traffic safety adviser André Schmitz - and the bike test can start. The fourth graders of the Paul-Meyers-Schuler in Dulcet now passed their cycling test. číst dál

Not without my neon yellow vest

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The first years at the Ludwig-Simmer-Anger will be very interesting in the near future. číst dál