Období: leden 2017

The high visibility jacket

stebenda.blogerka.cz (») | 23. 1. 2017 | přečteno: 588× | komentáře: 0
It's called Imelda Flash and is the new sport / touring jacket Held , made of Corduroy with reflective material, capable of reflecting its color if it is lit, becoming a perfect garment to be used in all seasons and features a very high visibility. It is available in sizes XS to 3XL priced at 695.95 euro. číst dál

Safety vest protect super fun night in Timisoara

stebenda.blogerka.cz (») | 19. 1. 2017 | přečteno: 533× | komentáře: 0
Tracks around the stadium Dan completely rebuilt a year ago in Timisoara; prove to be extremely attractive for young lover’s motion. Enjoy those runners, cyclists, and those who practice roller skateboard with wearing a safety vest. číst dál

Ride a motorcycle safety in the rain

stebenda.blogerka.cz (») | 17. 1. 2017 | přečteno: 533× | komentáře: 0
Over the Polish undergo severe storms and this turbulent period is not the most pleasant for us motorcyclists. As ride to make sure you get safely to your destination? Here are 5 tips on how to ride a motorcycle with safety vest in the rain and the wet asphalt. číst dál

10 Christmas reflective gifts for cyclists

stebenda.blogerka.cz (») | 13. 1. 2017 | přečteno: 573× | komentáře: 0
Do you have a husband, wife, uncle, aunt or friend who loves cycling and want the one surprise during the holidays with an original gift? We looked for the best bike gifts for your out. číst dál

Reflective material asphalt is experimenting

stebenda.blogerka.cz (») | 11. 1. 2017 | přečteno: 533× | komentáře: 0
The province of Groningen is going to do a test with reflective material in silent asphalt. This allows the province should be 30 per cent saving on the public lighting. číst dál

Many Nazis marching with wearing reflective vest

stebenda.blogerka.cz (») | 9. 1. 2017 | přečteno: 484× | komentáře: 0
Several hundred Nazis in the Nordic resistance movement and their supporters in reflective vest marched today from the dome to Park in central Borlänge, where they have given speeches. Many of those involved in the Nordic Council of Resistance, NMR, is dressed in black pants and white shirts. číst dál

Bright life jacket for motorists without license

stebenda.blogerka.cz (») | 5. 1. 2017 | přečteno: 476× | komentáře: 0
Life safety jacket with bright and software feature that allows motorists to drive without a license: these are the two innovations presented by the students of Gien and Blois for this edition, 2016. číst dál

The sound of mystery and safety jackets in the accident

stebenda.blogerka.cz (») | 3. 1. 2017 | přečteno: 581× | komentáře: 0
The black boxes have been extracted from the remains of the aircraft a few hours ago. "The process can take from a few days to several weeks”, said a source in safety vest close to the investigation by specifying that the recorders are hermetically sealed and can withstand 36 hours in sea water. The decoding operations now will be up to the analysts of the Ministry of Defense in Moscow, and will serve to shed light on the real causes of ' accident (if accident is) because the four tracks followed by the Kremlin burden still too many shadows. číst dál