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Tuscarawas County pedestrian accidents more than double in 2019

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reflective clothingThree of the 10 people killed in traffic accidents last year in Tuscarawas County were pedestrians. číst dál

You do not have to change the old reflective jacket

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Panic around reflective vests is useless. The Ministry of Transport responds to the information that motorists will have to change old vests for new ones. "Motorists do not have to change their vests in mandatory equipment," says the Department of Transportation. Panic triggered an amendment to the Decree, which implements road traffic rules. It has been delayed for several years by a valid standard specifying the form of reflective elements. číst dál

The reflective vest for keeping schoolchildren safe

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Thanks to the collaboration between the "Federico Fellini" and Circle, CNA and the Municipal Police Department, the Amices school will be accessible to students through an accompanying pedestrian path, managed in total safety by a group of volunteers in reflective vest. číst dál

Manna Cooling Vest is a reflective vest

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ooling Vest made by the Dutch company Manna and to be worn under any type of jacket. Today we offer you the new Cooling Vest, the reflective vest made by the Dutch company MACNA (leader in the Netherlands and Belgium for the touring sector in particular) which guarantees to travel cool for hours, even if wearing technical jackets. The vest is in fact wearable under any type of jacket. číst dál

The people walk through the city with reflective vest

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Hiking, with wearing high visibility clothing, one of the star activities in the program of promotion of the sport of La Region, Orense + D, could not miss in its calendar. číst dál

Reflective poles for the Civil Traffic Guard

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The General Directorate has approved a game of 480,000 Euros for the reflective clothes that the agents will use this summer. číst dál

Pilgrim, not without your vest

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The Traffic Subsector of the Civil Guard of Orense continues its campaign directed to pedestrians and cyclists pilgrims of the Way of Santiago so that its transit is carried out with the "maximum security", for which distributes to ask of vans "high visibility" vests And informative triptychs. číst dál

The high visibility jacket

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It's called Imelda Flash and is the new sport / touring jacket Held , made of Corduroy with reflective material, capable of reflecting its color if it is lit, becoming a perfect garment to be used in all seasons and features a very high visibility. It is available in sizes XS to 3XL priced at 695.95 euro. číst dál

Cyclists without high visibility clothing face serious injuries

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If they represent a small share of road traffic, cyclists are particularly vulnerable if not wearing any high visibility clothing. číst dál