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Running in winter: technical reflective clothing

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To not give up the pleasure of running outdoors, even in the colder months, it is essential to obtain adequate leaders and respect some simple trick. Here's how to navigate? číst dál

Safety vests now compulsory for vehicle driver

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Starting today, a reflective safety jacket is part of the mandatory equipment of each vehicle using the road. That made Secretary of State for the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment Koop Asthma known. That obligation was traveling came to none as a surprise, however, did come by the driver as a surprise that safety vest in the vehicle must always be worn. číst dál

He invented the reflective scarf anti-paparazzi

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The Harry Potter fans all agree on one thing: life would be much better if the Invisibility Cloak existed. Well thanks to a young Indian of 28 years, it exists. Sais is the creator of the reflective scarf, which allows the wearer to disappear under the flashes of the cameras, or cameras. číst dál

required reflective elements purchased in drugstores

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Already a few months ago started a campaign in which the police handed out reflective material accessories. Since Saturday is not compulsory to wear them outside of the village on unlit roads. "Yes, for some time now seeing increased interest in these reflective elements and now will surely be even greater," responded Dagmar of drugstore aunt in a commercial building Dvorak Tabor. "The biggest concern is the ribbon on his jacket, and what can stick "she said. číst dál

Pedestrians must wear reflective elements or fine

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Walkers will need to wear a Saturday in poor visibility reflective elements. In fact it enters into force an amendment to the Road Traffic Act. It stipulates that if, for example, people at night, twilight or fog moving outside of the village on the shoulder or the edge of a road that is not lit, you must have a reflective element. číst dál

Reflective vest as a protest of Bus drivers

stebenda.blogerka.cz (») | 16. 3. 2017 | přečteno: 461× | komentáře: 0
Jobson support the so-called challenge today express bus drivers across the country. Politicians Saying: We have enough competition at the low price; we do not like conditions in public transport. Terms of contracts is leading to low wages drivers. číst dál

Fines because of no reflective vest

stebenda.blogerka.cz (») | 14. 3. 2017 | přečteno: 474× | komentáře: 0
On the way to the sea beware of heavy fines abroad. Safer must be careful, for example, to use directional lights in Austria. číst dál

AXO summer reflective jacket and pants for motorcycle

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AXO Airflow is a set of motorcycle jacket and trousers with aeration, intended to provide maximum safety clothing motorcycle a light and fresh for summer form. číst dál

Hacker motorcycle jacket with reflective material

stebenda.blogerka.cz (») | 8. 3. 2017 | přečteno: 454× | komentáře: 0
The manufacturer of motorcycle clothing Garibaldi has introduced its new model reflective jacket short bike sport style called Hacker for both men and women. číst dál

Safety vests are designed to protect motorcyclists

stebenda.blogerka.cz (») | 6. 3. 2017 | přečteno: 492× | komentáře: 0
"Seen - cannot be overlooked" under this motto would move to support neon yellow safety vests the Foundation for criminal and traffic prevention motorcyclists. číst dál

Reflective fabric flowers for Pascal Paris enchants

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It is a delicate and full of sweetness collection has unveiled Tuesday Julie Pascal, the opening of the Paris Fashion Week, where she travels in a year. A place close to his heart even more to the Ukrainian designer has French origins via its rear-maternal grandfather, who was from Rouen. číst dál