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New firefighter protective clothing with reflective strip

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"Only protective clothing that fits properly can also protect reasonable. Are the sleeves too short, it may cause an injury, "says Sven Emcee Wahlstedts platoon leader (39), which is also active in the ABC-train the county Fire Services Association. Three years took him and his firefighter’s colleagues until they had opted for the sand-colored protective safety clothing from the Austrian manufacturer Exports. číst dál

winter running: importance of reflective tape

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In winter, the cold gives you most want to stay warm at home rather than go running outside. As long as temperatures do not drop below -16 ° C, there is no excuses to stop doing your running. Do not let the cold weather discouraged, run well equipped! Bring the warm reflective jacket and running out. číst dál

Clothing with reflective tape becomes a trend

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New customers reflecting a strong social trend: 69% of French are physically active regularly and, in 2012, the budget they spent on the sport was in stable majority, or even increased (in 22% of cases) compared in 2011 (TNS Sores, 2012). Hence the rise in recent years, sports brands that emphasize style over technical performance. "The reflective clothing is an extension of identity and as the individual needs of correspondence between its various areas, he seeks sports equipment in connection with their membership group," notes Frederic Godard, a sociologist at Instead. číst dál

Overall with reflective tape

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"We export 40% of our production outside Europe" číst dál

Overall with reflective tape

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"We export 40% of our production outside Europe" číst dál

Wear vest with reflective tape to cross road

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Following the accident at Gouesnac'h Wednesday, February 25, residents of Kervern hamlet called a demonstration this Saturday at 10am in front of the town hall. So pedestrians should take the reflective accessories  or reflective tape to make them visible. číst dál

New reflective bags launch the market

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Kawasaki introduces its new line of luggage in partnership with the renowned American manufacturer Ogio. These bags Day and his travel bag with reflective fabric, handbags, rucksacks, sports and holidays bring liveliness and practicality, thanks to the omnipresence of an apple-green color signature of the brand, which goes to black is found on almost all models. číst dál

Ferrari Premium collection: Reflective clothing

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Premium leather jacket SF číst dál

Reflective clothing takes important role of emergency service

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It is 18.30 a clock on a sunny Saturday; everybody relaxes barbecuing and looking forward on watching football. Not but the lifesaver of the DRC. For it begins in the ambulance station in the beautiful by 19 a clock the night shift. číst dál

Pedestrians should wearing reflective vest to protect themselves

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Dark and alcohol all played a role in the accident, which happened on Saturday at about half past ten in the evening between Milo vice and Hare. The driver of a car already missed respond to dilapidation pedestrians who do not in reflective vest, moving close to the middle of the road. Clash took twenty-eight injured men, whose extent cannot yet be clarified. číst dál

Importance of safety vest with reflective tape and helmet for motorist

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She was going to work by bike with light and reflective vest, but without a helmet. Hit by a car on Friday morning and left on site, Jessica miraculously doing well. číst dál

Enhanced security: road signs with reflective tape

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In collaboration with the competent authorities, the Province of Hainaut and Wallonia, road signs has been strengthened with reflective tape at the container park just outside "Tournai 3", located in Ronse Ground Kain Tournai in the entity. číst dál

A new vehicle with reflective strip

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In lieu of an ancient van C25 from 1993, the town has just acquired from the company Altacama Trégueux (22) of a new vehicle, which will be allocated to roads and masonry work. This vehicle produced for three years, posting 42,000 kilometers on the odometer, is equipped with a galvanized frame, galvanized a dump, trailer attached and safe high capacity tool behind the cab. Flashing light and reflective strip complete the safety equipment. At a cost of € 15,500, it was approved Tuesday by Louis-René Benat, first deputy and François Roue, managing director in the work in the presence of Miche... číst dál