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National Motorcyclist March against identification through vests

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A group of motorcycle riders gathered at the Obelisk to protest Decree. číst dál

Safe on the way to school with the three OBI markets in the region

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At the three OBI stores in Rosenheim, parents can now pick up a safety vest for their charges. Here is the coupon for: číst dál


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The high visibility vests that the protesters dress since last November 17 are out of stock in many stores. číst dál

Reflect on the weight of life

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Road events involving pedestrians occur most often after tragic events. When they forget about using reflective materials and complying with the regulations, they create a huge danger for themselves. The police officers appeal to pedestrians to exercise special caution when traveling on roads, especially unlit ones. číst dál

The reservoir of reflective elements in the tube was installed by many municipalities

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To increase the safety of pedestrians and to promote the village itself, the reservoirs, which appeared in this year in many places, contribute to this. číst dál

Nine of the ten reflective tapes do not comply with the regulations

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Nine of the ten reflective tapes checked this year by the Czech Trade Inspection Authority did not meet the regulations. The tapes most often did not meet the photometric requirements and did not have a CE mark. číst dál

Reflective Material Market Forecast

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The reflective Material Market report provides key statistics on the market status of the Reflective Material Manufacturers and is a valuable source of guidance and direction for companies and individuals interested in the Reflective Material Industry. In the Reflective Material Market report, there is a section for competition landscape of the global Reflective Material Industry. This competition landscape shows a view of the key Players operating in the global Reflective Material Market along with their Profile and Contact information. číst dál

What protects pedestrians in the dark

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Safety through visibility: Kirsten from the police's traffic accident prevention department talks to Jorgen Fuehrer about the importance of reflective materials. číst dál

50 safety vests

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Thanks to a donation, several groups can now participate in excursions at the same time. číst dál

Dozing a pedestrian in Floats

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Policemen explain the circumstances of the 65-year setback. The event occurred yesterday in the town. According to the police, the man was walking along the wrong side of the road. It did not have any reflective materials. Besides, he was drunk. číst dál

Pieter started as a garbage collector but is now world champion in cage fights

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Pieter stopped a garbage collector at the waste service of the municipality of Breda a few months ago. He collapsed on his sports career to become world champion at Mixed Martial Arts, better known as cage fights. He succeeded and his earlier job as a garbage collector helped him with that. "You have to work hard, you become humble and humble." číst dál

Vests help avoid motorcycle crime

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In a survey, on more than a thousand cases, 70 percent of the people of Mar del Plata considered that the use of the reflective vest can suppress the crimes. číst dál

Evacuated for the coming of Macron, a "yellow vest" melts in tears

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While they were waiting for Emmanuel Macron in Albert, this Friday, November 9, about twenty protesters were evacuated by the police. One of these "yellow safety vests" let out his emotion in front of the cameras. číst dál

Shine with a reflection! Do not put your life at risk!

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The police officers turn to pedestrians with an appeal for caution and observance of a few basic rules. "Remember that we ourselves have a big impact on security." they tell the uniform. číst dál


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The awareness campaign "Cyclists, shine! "Takes place from Tuesday 6 to Friday 9 November in the Grenoble conurbation. His goal? To make cyclists aware of the need, as well as the legal obligation, to ride at night with lighting devices in order to limit the risk of accidents. číst dál