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Workers in safety vest work for city

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"It's not easy, but you can make a couple worse.” There's a lot of sand in the streets, but we're pretty good at it." The worst is working in the heat. I have that in the sun I'm out of strength. That's why it takes some water to cool off, some shade, to hide for a while and work on it, "adds Elsa with wear a reflective vest. číst dál

Police attended a meeting on road safety at school

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The District Police Station conducted a preventive action. "Apple or lemon", and also attended a meeting with first-graders on road safety. On October 3, the district police station in serge. Marisa at the request of the Directorate of the Primary School in Zavala conducted a preventive action called" "Apple or lemon". číst dál

Municipal police give away reflective vests

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Several dozens of safety vests have already hit the hands of Białystok bikers. The next city guard will give away on Friday. Everything to make the cyclists on the road better visible and thus safer. číst dál

Internet users show "road batman"

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Appears at the last minute – he often just in front of the mask of the speeding car. Cyclists who without safety vest ride in the dark without lights and glare are still a plague of Polish roads. On the recording prepared by Internet users from Lodz it is perfectly visible how invisible unmarked cyclist. číst dál

Mandatory reflective vests in Ireland

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At the beginning of 2014 a regulation will apply to all motorcyclists to ride in a reflective vest both day and night. číst dál

Good police advice for motorcyclist safe

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The meeting at the School of Mechanical Schools in Opole was already the ninth edition of the event promoting the safety of two-wheelers in traffic. On the day open to the school were invited traffic policemen in reflective uniform and director and examiners of the Road Traffic Center in Opole. číst dál

How to ride a motorbike in a traffic jam

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How to safely and easily move a motorcycle or scooter in urban traffic? How to legally squeeze in the traffic jam? With wear a safety vest? Often you ask us how to ride in a traffic jam to get around safely, safely and legally in a crowded city. Numerous doubts often affect the beginners, but not only. To get acquainted with the set of rules I encourage all, also the more experienced. Or maybe with some point you do not agree? číst dál

They dressed up as road people with safety vest

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They had helmets, reflective vests and road signs warning of ongoing work. Pseudo ibices planned - on the pretext of carrying out work to stop on the A1 highway bus carrying the fans of the hostile team. The "action" at the last minute tracked the police officers. číst dál

Reflections and presents for cyclists from police officers

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Cyclists saw policemen in reflective uniform willingly stopping and checking. On Tuesday before noon near Grunewald plc, the Szczecin road has organized an action called the Spring Day Bicycle. "When spring starts, a large part of our city's inhabitants change into bicycles," says asp. "We planned to take control of this cycling route. číst dál

Police appeal directed not only to pedestrians

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Pedestrians are the least protected road users. Insufficiently illuminated roads, lack of designated places for safe pedestrians on the road (especially outside built-up areas), and improper use of roads by pedestrians themselves cause many accidents. číst dál

The cyclist without safety vest was hit by a crossing

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On Monday in the morning near the roundabout Victims of Smolensk catastrophe was hit by a cyclist without safety vest. This is another deduction in this place. According to preliminary findings, the 26-year-old motorbike driver has been blamed for the accident, which did not stop before the ride and hit a cyclist. číst dál

The light fires and reflective tape protect the pedestrian

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A novel by the University of Liberec scientists will also help protect children from being visually impaired. For example, if a schoolboy with a light system backpack developed by the University of Liberec and reflective tape will be seen not only from a far greater distance but also from other angles. číst dál

Reflective T-shirt that will protect you

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Running comfort is the basis. If you choose carefully and thoroughly when buying your safety clothes, we have a tip for you to take care of. Introducing the Nike DRI-FIT Men's Running T-Shirt that is made of fabric for better sweat drain, you can keep your body dry for longer. It also includes ergonomic seams for a better range of movement. číst dál

The reflective jacket with great breathes

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Craft Weather Jack is a representative of three-layer membranes. In practice, this means that the membrane itself is protected by the lining from the underside and has a very high protection against obstruction. In addition, Craft did not bind to a third-party solution, Gore Wind stopper, but has successfully used its own Vent Air membrane for several years. The three-layer design, however, signifies a lower breathability, which are only 10,000 g / m2 / 24h in the case of Weather. číst dál

Young entrepreneurs make the phone reflective

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Now the mobile phone will be involved and secure traffic. A new shell with reflective material developed by school students reflects the light in traffic. As part of the plugged last year on Eastern real, they were commissioned to start a company. Now, the last term, they try to turn reflective mobile phones to Stockholders moving in traffic. číst dál