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What should be watched by those on the road with a bicycle

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reflective tapesIn recent years it has gained ground against cars. More and more, they are choosing the bike to move even inside the city. "Are you cycling? Evaluate the risk of each area. Wear helmet and safety vest," the Greek Police said in its message on social media. She also refers to her official website, namely in a post titled "I am cycling - What do I watch when I am on the road." číst dál

FAA Recommends Bright, Reflective Vests for Pilots

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reflective tapesThe Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recently released an "information for operators" that suggests drone pilots and their crew wear reflective vests during the flight in the same way that "safety-centric personnel," such as construction workers and airport ground crews, do to increase safety and identify themselves. číst dál

French Government Regulates Use of Electric Step-Scooters by Applying Legislation

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reflective vestFrom next September onwards, a new regulation will come into force in France which applies to the use of electric step-scooters. As the number of operators of scooter sharing systems is multiplying as well as their users and at the same time accidents, the French government decided to introduce legislation to regulate their use in urban traffic. číst dál

Who's Making Amazon Prime Days Happen and What Do They Have to Do to Make You Happy?

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safety vestSurrounded by calls for work stoppages and strikes and following a highly uncomplimentary segment on the working life of its employees on Last Week Tonight with host John Oliver, Amazon is soldiering on with its two special Amazon Prime days starting today through Tuesday. číst dál

Destiny City of Oaxaca more than 27 mp in security

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high visibility vestsIn the ordinary session of the City Council held on Wednesday, councilors of the City of Oaxaca de Juárez highlighted the investment of more than 27 million pesos to strengthen the security tasks in the city, which they are in charge of the Directorate of Public Safety, Roads and Citizen Protection. číst dál

How to choose high visibility clothing correctly

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safety vest,reflective materials,reflective tapesThe professionalism in the works is a prerequisite for everything to go well and in some jobs, in addition to the qualities of the professional, a characteristic dress is required, either to give an image or to make sure that the workers are seen for reasons of security. číst dál

What does your vehicle need before a trip

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reflective tapePlanning a trip in your vehicle represents greater independence to move towards the desired destination, however, to do it with total confidence it is best to conduct a review to avoid inconveniences on the road. číst dál

Reflective vest in the day is to criterion according to climatic condition

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reflective vest,reflective materials"Carabineros has arguments," Gloria Hutt remarked after the arrest of a cyclist for not wearing a reflective vest during the day. číst dál

Do you have to be fluo on a bike?

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high-visibility vest,sew on reflective tape ,high-visibility clothingIn the short video, one of Nantes' most important cycling routes, Quai de la Fosse, can be viewed in quick succession on a winter morning. Many cyclists crossed, most of them indeed wear fluorescent reflective clothing (vests, helmets or other yellow accessories). číst dál

Nautical Brigade. "Raise awareness as much as possible"

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reflective tapesLike every summer, this Saturday, July 13, the delegation to the sea of Finistère organized a safety operation at sea. Objective: To improve the prevention concerning the safety of maritime users. Control of the equipment, the fishing, the respect of the rules of navigation. Report the time of an afternoon with the brigade nautical of Roscoff. číst dál

Mandatory equipment in 2019: No bulbs, fuses and spare wheel

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 reflective vest The reflective vest and warning triangle remain číst dál

Shining vest and gloves, special shoes

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 safety vestSpecialists from the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen have developed protective equipment that will increase the safety of people at hazardous workplaces. It is a solar-powered warning safety vest, gloves with integrated light and footwear that protects against so-called step voltage. číst dál

Drivers have new obligations towards cyclists

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reflective clothingYesterday, cyclists need to know and adhere to a modified set of rules on bicycle and bicycle riding, and drivers need to know that there is some news on their obligations to bicyclists. číst dál

Now the season is starting for mc accidents

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reflective clothing, reflective vestNow the mc season starts and the coming weekend many people roll out on the roads for the first time this year. But with the spring heat and the gravel-free roads, the motorcycle accidents also follow and a strong contributing cause now at the beginning of the season are ring-rusty drivers. Stefan Brava, the engine expert at Trygg-Hansa, urges all haymakers to take a rubbing course before they leave. číst dál

Light Action "Seeing and being seen"

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reflective jacketsLack of or poor lighting can be the cause of serious cycling accidents, especially at the beginning of the dark season. Under the motto "See and be seen", officials from the Transport Directorate of the Bonn Police inspected the bicycles of the pupils at five schools in Bonn last week. The action, which is being carried out in cooperation with the city of Bonn and the ADFC, is used to test the pupils' two-wheelers for their traffic safety before the lesson starts. The teachers and parents of the students also took part. Minor defects on the wheels were fixed directly on-site and roadworthy wheels were awarded a badge. číst dál