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Child safety: Reflectors are no good

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safety vestWhether colorful bunnies, little hearts or little sharks with reflective tapes for children's clothing the imagination knows no bounds. But the effect is very limited. Most reflectors made of reflective material do not throw back enough light by far. Ten out of twelve tested reflectors failed. A minimum value for the light reflection is given by the European standard EN 13356. číst dál

Four new daycare centers equipped with safety vests

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reflective tapesFour Solinger Kitas - the band of knives at the town hall, Opderhüh in Aufderhöhe, the Ohligser Räuberhöhle and the energetic gnomes Mittelgönrath were pleased about new safety vests. Jürgen Dahlmann, chairman of the traffic guard Solingen presented on Tuesday each facility a set of 30 reflective vests for the children and two vests for the educators. Julia Jarras, the head of the Kita Klingenbande, had appealed to the employees of the traffic police and they had responded promptly. číst dál

On the safe side

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The daycare center receives 50 safety vests from the Verkehrswacht Jena-Saale-Holzland. číst dál

Insanity organization around the 24h race at the Nürburgring necessary

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To organize the ADAC TOTAL 24h race, a gigantic team is in action. On and off the track a huge effort is made to make the event a success. Race management, organization, sports maintenance, security personnel and the participants themselves - all contribute to the success. Birgit Arnold from the organization management and Manfred Strack, the operational project manager of the world's biggest motorsport event, are delivering impressive figures. číst dál

Sparkle in the dark: how reflectors in the dark tent work

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Safety vests Will the brake pack? Does the light work? The district police authority Höxter dedicated to the proper condition of bicycle and eBike on Monday, June 3, at the nationwide action day "Bicycle and Pedelec". In the whole county officials of the district service and the transport service, Höxter had special attention to the two-wheeler. číst dál

How to bring the pedelec through the winter

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safety vestBasically, you can ride with pedelecs and e-bikes in winter, but you have to prepare the two-wheeler for use in ice, snow, and cold. An expert explains what matters. číst dál

How to bring the pedelec through the winter

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reflective clothingBasically, you can ride with pedelecs and e-bikes in winter, but you have to prepare the two-wheeler for use in ice, snow, and cold. An expert explains what matters. číst dál

In more than a month, authorities have secured almost 3 thousand motorcycles

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More than two thousand 787 motorcycles have been insured by state and municipal police as part of their strategy to reduce crime rates in the Metropolitan Area of Guadalajara. According to information from police agencies in Jalisco, agents arrest motorcycle drivers whose displacement is less than 250 cubic centimeters and do not comply with the provisions of the traffic regulations. číst dál

Drivers are obliged to wear reflective vests outside the city from 2018

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The Russian government has supplemented the road traffic regulations with a paragraph that obliges drivers to stop wearing a reflective jacket or reflective vest when the vehicle is forced to stop outside settlements. číst dál

The damaged vehicle can be signaled with yellow flashing lights

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From last day 1, you can signal a damaged vehicle with a flashing yellow light, this being one of the modifications that the Order of July 31 has introduced. číst dál

Do it yourself: The designer for this year's reflex collection from If is you

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In recent years, insurance company If has collaborated with various fashion designers to create alternatives to the more traditional reflexes. In 2017, If's campaign focuses on the DIY trend. číst dál

The Czech Trade Inspection Authority controlled reflective strips for pedestrians

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This year, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority completed a control action aimed at meeting the basic requirements for reflective tapes. Specifically, these were photometric requirements according to EN 13356, requirements for marking of reflective tapes, including CE marking and requirements for providing further information on the product. Inspectors were interested in reflective tapes when checking purchases to protect consumers when traveling in low visibility on the roadside or on the roadside in a place that is not illuminated by public lighting. číst dál

On the Kazan highway in Mari El, a downed pedestrian died under the wheels of the "twelfth"

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Men were invisible, as there were no retro-reflective materials on the clothes. The driver on the car knocked down two pedestrians, one died on the spot. About it reports UGIBDD Ministry of Internal Affairs for Mari El. číst dál

Backpack for a first grader, how to choose the right from?

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A school backpack is not just an attribute of school everyday life. From the correct choice of this basic accessory depends on the health of the child, the formation of his correct posture. Literally, in three months the new school year will begin, and the experts of Roskachestvo understood what characteristics a correct first grader's backpack should meet. This study helped in parallel to check the compliance of modern products with regulatory requirements. číst dál

We tell you how to safely ride a bike around the city

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Early in the morning of May 28, a 9-year-old cyclist died under the wheels of an SUV. Crossing the roadway at the crosswalk, the boy did not dismount. The SUV that was turning from October Avenue onto Bessonov Street did not have time to brake and hit the child. We decided to remind you of the safety rules that you should follow when moving around the city by bicycle, and prepared these cards. číst dál