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Winter: Cyclists should pay attention to this

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089z8ebt4j4wgwetb57moqs800.jpgIf you don't want to do without your bike in the dark season, you should consider a few things. Above all, it is important to be visible to other road users in the dark. The tires should also receive attention - winter tires are not mandatory, but they provide more grip on the road, especially in winter at colder temperatures. číst dál

Red lights, misinterpretations, cycle paths: what can we do by bike?

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safety-vest.pngWhile the number of cyclists would have increased with the health crisis, altercations between cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists are increasing ... against a background of ignorance of the Highway Code. číst dál

Cyclist - be safe on the road

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500-adult-high-visibility-vest-yellow.jpgFrom 2020, until September, there were as many as 2,691 road accidents involving cyclists in Poland, in which 170 bicycle riders were killed and 2,448 were injured. Most of the injured are people over 60 years of age. číst dál

Take care of yourself and others

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159c992fc79acb7b48c20f5fe5a9a05b-xl.jpgThere is less and less time until Christmas. Christmas decorations in the form of colorfully dressed Christmas trees have already appeared in many homes and yards. Police officers from KPP in Ostrów Mazowiecka also decided to put up a Christmas tree in front of the entrance to the police station. číst dál

Safe through the cold season by bike

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qq20210111112437.jpgEquipped for winter operation: If you adapt your bike and driving style to the dark and cold season, you can cycle through the winter without any problems. číst dál

Michael School wants to tame the traffic

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safety-vest.jpgFor many years, the delivery and collection traffic around the Michaelschule in the district of Bickern has been increasing and many motorists do not obey the traffic rules: parking is prohibited, excessive speed in the streets around the Michaelschule. Parents, the municipal security service, and the staff repeatedly asked individual parents about the wrongdoing, but only a few parents changed their behavior. číst dál

Why wear a safety vest on a bicycle?

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safety-vest.png"Cycling in the city is dangerous!" This is often the discourse we hear from non-cyclists and motorists. But what is dangerous is above all not to be seen by motorists. To be visible to other road users, there are some essential accessories for cyclists, including the safety vest. But what exactly is it? When should a cyclist wear it and under what conditions? We take stock of the reflective vest. číst dál

New mandatory equipment for riding an electric scooter

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089z8ebt4j4wgwetb57moqs800.jpgElectric scooters, monowheels, gyropods, hoverboards ... Since July 8, 2020, motorized personal transport vehicles (EDPM) are subject to new rules. Horn, front and rear brakes, and lighting are now mandatory. číst dál