Období: září 2018

Reflective fashion in a reflective school

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Children and youth from the Primary School create a reflective fashion. This is the effect of the Reflective School program. číst dál

New rules for first aid kits and mandatory equipment

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Compulsory equipment as well as first-aid kit will go through a change from October 1st. You will no longer need to carry bulbs or fuses in your car. First aid kits will be valid even after they expire and will disappear, for example, from a tri-banded scarf or drape. What other changes are waiting for us? On Friday, Breakfast with New responded Lena, spokesperson of the Ministry of Transport. číst dál

Valladolid Bike Day, an unmissable, healthy and supportive event

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On Sunday, September 30, from 10:30 am, Valladolid will enjoy with the Day of the Bike, an initiative of El Norte de Castile, which has the sponsorship and collaboration of the City of Valladolid through its Department of Security and Mobility, Spanish Red Cross, South Clinic, Coca-Cola. číst dál

Road transport: the European Parliament urges Brussels to move up a gear

stebenda.blogerka.cz (») | 27. 9. 2018 | přečteno: 423× | komentáře: 0
As part of its resolution of 18 May 2017, the European Parliament gave its opinion on road transport in the EU. It urges the Commission to take action to improve this sector, particularly as it faces a growing number of regulatory obstacles. Review of the main actions to be deployed. číst dál

"Be an example" action for the safety of pedestrians on the road

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Improvement of the safety of road traffic participants, in particular pedestrians, is the main goal of the education and information campaign under the slogan "To be an example - come forward". The action organized by the police together with the Polish Episcopal Conference and the Polish Ecumenical Council encourages the use of reflective materials in a visible manner for other road users. číst dál

The wheelchair man, hit by a car in the city center, escaped

stebenda.blogerka.cz (») | 25. 9. 2018 | přečteno: 411× | komentáře: 0
Ion Plum, the wheelchair man who was injured at the beginning of August in the central area of Barlad, escaped from the needles of the needle by a total paralysis. The clinical and preclinical investigations performed at the Neurosurgery Hospital in Iasi, where it was transported immediately after the accident, revealed a two-seated rib rupture as well as a spinal cord rupture as well as a hematoma in the occipital area. číst dál

Illegally resident intensive offender rips railway staff to the ground

stebenda.blogerka.cz (») | 21. 9. 2018 | přečteno: 446× | komentáře: 0
Not only Austria is struggling with multicultural problems, but much more the German capital Berlin. There, African attacked two security employees of the railway and pushed on a staircase massively. The patrol made a round by the station in the evening and asked an 18-year-old from Guinea to quench his cigarette. číst dál

Police action "Safe roads"

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Today, between 6:00 and 22:00, police officers carry out the activities of "Safe Intersections". The aim of the activities is to improve the safety of road users at intersections and their areas. Law enforcement officers pay attention to the behavior of drivers and pedestrians by responding to their misdemeanors and adhere to the consequences of non-compliance with traffic regulations. číst dál

All the passengers of the vehicles will have to wear the belt

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Authorities of the Vice Ministry of Transport (VMT), the Fund for Assistance to Victims of Traffic Accidents (FONAT) and the National Council of Road Safety (CONASEVI) yesterday presented a proposal for reform to the Legislative Assembly on the mandatory use of devices safety for motorcyclists and the use of safety belts for all vehicle occupants. číst dál

How to prepare your vehicle for a long trip

stebenda.blogerka.cz (») | 18. 9. 2018 | přečteno: 411× | komentáře: 0
It is essential that we pay attention to comply with all the legal, technical and security aspects. It is expected that around 600 thousand vehicles leave the Metropolitan Region in National Holidays. číst dál

What protects pedestrians in the dark

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Especially when the days are short and dark, the risk of being overlooked and injured in traffic as pedestrians or cyclists increases. To clarify the danger and to give important information on proper behavior and clothing in the dark and bad weather, the traffic safety adviser of the police yesterday in the royal court gallery presented the action "safety through visibility". číst dál

Always wear the safety vest on the way to school

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Colorful school bags, excited children, colorful satchels, smiling faces and proud parents. The seriousness of life began yesterday for 37 students from the Dr. Conrad Wigand Primary School. For the southern district of the opening event takes place today on Wednesday. číst dál

Blood collection campaign

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Regional Center for Blood Donation and Blood Treatment together with the District Police Headquarters, invites you to Tuesday's (11.09.18.) Blood collection campaign. "Your blood saves lives!" číst dál

The Safe cyclist on the way to work

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On Thursday (April 19), you could meet the mayor Krzysztof and the head of the road Shamir, giving the cyclists reflective vests. A joint police and city hall called "Safe cyclist on the way to work" covered 50 people. číst dál

The inhabitants of Santana were informed about the circulation of bicycles on public roads

stebenda.blogerka.cz (») | 12. 9. 2018 | přečteno: 447× | komentáře: 0
Public roads have never been safe for bicycles. In order to help people, the Territorial Authority for Public Order (ATOP) Arad has carried out an action to inform the public about the circulation of bicycles on public roads. The event took place in Santana and consisted of raising the population's awareness of the danger to which cyclists circulating irregularly. číst dál