Období: květen 2019

A glowing "Walking bus" passed through the streets of Tyumen

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Thus, the guys decided to encourage citizens to use light reflectors. číst dál

Chekhov's criminal investigation department is looking for relatives of an unknown man who died in the village

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On May 23, in the village of the Chekhov district near the Dixie store, a man’s lifeless body was found. He died in the ambulance. Militiamen still cannot identify the victim and find his relatives. In this regard, Chekhov's criminal search distributes signs of the deceased. číst dál

Murmansk firefighters celebrate their professional holiday

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The 100th anniversary of the fire brigade of the Murmansk region and the 370th anniversary of the fire brigade in Russia - the holiday was timed to these two dates. At the "Five Corners", employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and subordinate organizations demonstrated the townspeople with equipment, machinery and safety clothing, with the help of which they struggle with the fire element. číst dál

Security is fashionable! GUOBDD conducted a campaign for children in Bishkek

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Entertaining games, interactivity with animators, prize draw and performance of Russian pop stars were waiting for the participants and spectators. číst dál

In Mariupol, children baked pancakes along with patrolmen

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On the last day of Shrovetide, dozens of Mariupol families came to a meeting with patrolmen to bake pancakes together. This was reported on the page of the Donetsk Region Patrol Police on Facebook. číst dál


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Ahead of us is waiting for winter, but now the day has noticeably decreased. Schoolchildren and students in the second shift return home after dark. And we, adults, get from work at dusk. číst dál

New firefighting clothing

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The Brabant-Zuidoost safety region (VRBZO) presented the new fire fighting clothing for the Brabant-Zuidoost fire brigade last week. The new firefighter suits equipped with the latest technologies to offer firefighters optimum protection in all circumstances. číst dál

Review of the Under Armor HOVR Infinite

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When Under Armor approached us to check the HOVR Infinite we thought "ok, it must be a good shoe to run and not much more", but we are wrong, they are by far the most technological tennis we have used.It happens that one of its main characteristics are that they have sensors that collect very granular data about your run, including the map of where you went and they can keep all that for up to 7 hours until you connect them to Bluetooth Low Energy to your cell phone, where you can see things like your cadence and stride length. Really, a lot of data for those who need all that information.B... číst dál

Gift ideas: super reflective stripes for circles

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Would you like to give something useful to your motorcyclist friend? Perhaps here is the right idea for you. číst dál

New short films: Wear PSA!

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Personal protective equipment (PPE) is important - if it belongs to category III, it can even be vital. However, 44% of employees sometimes do not wear necessary parts of their PPE. But how do you get "PSA-lazy" employees to use these OSH products? Under the motto "Responsibility is yours" she wants to raise awareness that the wearing of protective gear is important. číst dál

Traffic education by the professional

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Hannes is already a bit excited. "Immediately the police come and then we go with through the streets and the traffic because we practice that for the school." The six-year-old is one of six pre-school children in the VKJ Kinderhaus Am Wasser who have a date with a real cop this morning. číst dál

Control your individual security equipment

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Spring, will soon point the tip of his nose, and with him rings the time of the first navigations. Before taking off, be sure to check the condition of your individual safety equipment. číst dál

What is known about the controversy of the mysterious "fluorescent vest"

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The images of this man wearing a fluorescent reflective vest, walking on the belfry of Notre Dame have been around the world, relayed first by a Spanish media and observed on the live NBCN. Twitter inflamed with spontaneous reactions fueling conspiracy theories. číst dál

Preschoolers learn road safety

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The 11th edition of the campaign "How to Drive Safely on the Road" has already started, kindergartens and schools are visited by police officers, Bridgestone employees and the yellow "accidental" dummy Jan, who teach what 997 means, why you have to fasten the seat belts in the car and what you have to do, as you can see, the fire truck coming up on the signals. číst dál

How to carry luggage on a bike and what to take on a bike trip

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In panniers and a trailer, lightweight bike packing bags, or maybe a shirt pocket cycling? We advise you on how to carry your luggage on a bike and what to take on a bike trip. číst dál