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Traveling by car? See what you need to have with you

stebenda.blogerka.cz (») | 29. 11. 2019 | přečteno: 260× | komentáře: 0
reflective tapesIn Spain you have to wear two prescription glasses, in Belgium, the biker has to wear the prescribed clothes, and when you park your car in Estonia on a hill, you must secure it with your lap. Did you know that? We have focused on all the differences in compulsory equipment and have given you a comprehensive overview. číst dál

Ruda Pivrnec advises drivers not to break out

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reflective tapesA project that reminds drivers, cyclists and pedestrians of what traffic needs to be followed through cartoon jokes by Petr Urban was yesterday baptized by police. číst dál

Run safely at night with reflective paint on your skin

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safety vestReflective tape, safety vest, red flashing light. These are the main weapons for running at night. However, none of them is very practical or comfortable in the summer months. An alternative is a reflective color that is applied directly to the skin. číst dál

In the dark only with a "reflector", will be distributed by the police

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reflective fabric、A walker between villages, in dark clothing and sometimes socially tired and staggering along the road and ditch, is a nightmare for all drivers. Against "invisible" pedestrians should act a law, which will probably apply from spring next year, they will face a fine of several thousand. However, according to Aktualne.cz police officers should first warn travelers, they should also distribute reflective tapes or bags. číst dál

Experts want to change the law, pedestrians are not visible

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reflective tapesIt is one of the most common accidents. Clashes of vehicles and pedestrians. Experts from BESIP and the police point out that the blame - besides carelessness on both sides - is very often the poor visibility of pedestrians. This is true not only in the morning gloom and evening darkness. číst dál

Pedestrians beware, look for reflective reflectors!

stebenda.blogerka.cz (») | 23. 11. 2019 | přečteno: 294× | komentáře: 0
reflective fabric、Only a few days remain until the amendment to the Road Act comes into force. Among other things, it will require pedestrians to wear reflective vests when visibility is reduced. What are the best? Where to find them? How to wear them? číst dál

Reflective strips for pedestrians: why should we wear them?

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reflective fabric、The recently adopted amendment to the Road Traffic Act requires pedestrians to wear reflective elements outside the municipality. What is it, why should we wear it, where it can be ordered and bought - and how much will they find us? číst dál

Cycling in the autumn: practical advice, from clothing to accessories

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reflective fabric、In autumn the changing colors of the trees and the cool climate but still favorable to outdoor sports are an invitation to ride. On the road or the off-road. číst dál

Joint inspection of fishing vessel safety-related organizations Fishing boat report, passenger list confirmation

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reflective tapesThe government and local governments will jointly next week to check and guide fishing boats. It is also subject to check whether fishing boats guide passengers for safety. číst dál

Handicapped, Seniors, and the Disabled

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safety vestsLocal governments across the country are striving to increase the convenience of people with disabilities and senior citizens and to ensure the right to move. číst dál

Conditioning Horses in Fall and Winter

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reflective safety vest、reflective tapeKnowing how your horse's body reacts to colder temperatures—and training accordingly—can help you both stay productive during the chilly months ahead. číst dál

County preparing for region’s first snowstorm

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Reflective VestWith Chautauqua County expected to receive heavy snow and ice today and Tuesday, Chautauqua County officials are reminding residents to use caution. číst dál

Man Suffers First Degree Burns From High-Vis Jacket In First Reported Case

stebenda.blogerka.cz (») | 15. 11. 2019 | přečteno: 379× | komentáře: 0
reflective jacket,In what is thought to be the first reported case of its kind, a man in Australia has suffered first degree burns after the reflective strip of his hi-vis jacket overheated in the Sun. číst dál

Yellow Vests: the 4th Assembly of Assemblies to structure the movement?

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reflective tapesOn November 1, 2 and 3, Yellow Vest delegations from all over France will be present in Montpellier where the 4th Assembly of Assemblies will be held. číst dál

Green buildings with reflective materials

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reflective material Hong Kong is among the cities considered most vulnerable to global warming. číst dál