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Reflective strips we can look forward to

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Increased safety, There are more and more the possibility of local adaptations clothes and the natural development of children's feet. I bring this exciting news to which we can look forward to next year. číst dál

Crime Prevention with wear a reflective vest

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The town has established new positions due to declining sense of security people. V Brood had last year increased foreigners, mostly from the Balkans who had been responsible for a number of conflicts. číst dál

Reflective vest and safety features for school children

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Even after nine containers traveling from Ostrava full of bikes to Gambia. Along with them, going to Africa a large number of spare parts as well as reflective vests and safety features for schoolchildren, since the country is ruled operate without rules. číst dál

Pedestrians will have to wear reflective vests

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Pedestrians will have to wear for reduced visibility on roads outside the village reflective vests, decided on Wednesday (December 9, 2015) MPs. They also did not allow cyclists alcohol, or did not increase the speed on motorways to 150 km / h. číst dál

Inspectors in safety vest checks welcome

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Inspectors in safety vest would be welcomed even by many locals. "It is okay, why some people should ride for free when everyone else goes to work and everything you pay. It is good that it started to do something, "says Iva example. číst dál

Are you fine for non-compliant safety vest

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Up to 90 percent of the reflective vests for drivers sold in our market do not meet European standards. They indicate, for example, how much has a reflective element to reflect light vests and what the dimensions of those elements must be at least. While motorists can be fined up to 2,000 crowns, but more importantly, for problems on the road will vest in a much less visible. číst dál

Jacket and gloves in reflective material

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It was 2013 and the Spring Classic gave all participants inauspicious weather conditions. Cold, wind, rain, snow... a succession of storms which left me breathless, even though I followed the race lying comfortably on my couch. Of that crazy Milano I remember many images, even if those that most impressed me concerned the divided continuous change of the runners and the great difficulty in moving his hands to accomplish even the simplest gestures. číst dál

The trendy reflective accessories for your bike

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With the return of warm weather, the bike has a storefront. The Grand Morning team selected accessories and equipment for you to be the best, head to the grindstone. číst dál

Test all winter reflective Jolly Wear

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and moisture. The Italian brand has combined aesthetics and comfort. číst dál

Safety vest wearer picks up all waste on the way

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In Aix-en-Provence in Paris, Hervey travels the roads of France on foot. He travels to the COP 21, to be held in Paris in November. On the way, he wears a safety vest and picks up all the waste it finds in its path. číst dál

Textile of reflective material Equipment Testing

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The Swiss brand Assoc has always designed top-of-the-range bike clothing with reflective material. The products are expensive, but above all very technical. Many cyclists who have tasted the brand's products do not want to go back. číst dál

A man without safety vest occur accidents

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Just a few hundred meters away from the house, bike tire exploded and the man without safety vest crashed head against a concrete pillar, as witnesses say. číst dál

Reflective vest protect drivers in dense fog on roads

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Traffic is difficult to implement due to dense fog on Monday morning on the roads, a press release Center General Inspectorate of Romanian Police in safety vest. číst dál

Switch to winter increases the risk of road accidents

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Crossing over to winter time by several countries this year on the night of October 29 to October 30 may have unexpected effects. According to the Belgian Road Safety Institute (IBSR), the number of pedestrian-related accidents increases by 63% during this period. číst dál

Cyclists-Road Menders wear safety vest repair the asphalt

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Last year, in view of the bicycle race, they had circled the holes with fluorescent paint. Now they have decided to buy a dozen bags of tar to fill those potholes that dot the Vientiane and a stretch of road that connects the hamlet of Two Doors. They are members ASD Brochette Pavia, historical society cycling born in Mirabella in 1934, with its 35 members. Six of them in a couple of days they decided to improvise menders and equipped with reflective vest, paddle and tar bags, have paved the most affected by natural disasters points for the race on June 2, the seventh edition of the "Grand Prix of San Genesis" it probably will repeat the 220 recorded last year. číst dál