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The lower temperatures in many of us mean a nervous review of the bicycle cabinet. We tested the affordable Force clothing set, which was created to provide us with thermal comfort while cycling in severe weather conditions. číst dál

Deadly deduction of a pedestrian. The man did not have any reflections

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The policemen determine the circumstances of the accident that happened tonight in the Karwów Colony. The 39-year-old hit by a Skoda car. Pedestrian as a result of injuries he died at the scene of the incident. The policemen determined that the man walking along the road did not have any reflective materials on clothing. číst dál

Winter timidly attacked Krakow's streets. Dangerously on bridges and steep, winding roads

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The first winter attack is behind us. During the night from Monday to Tuesday, 55 vehicles for removing the effects of snowfall, including 21 solariums, left the streets. In the coming days, further rainfall and frost are expected. číst dál

An accident happened, a 47-year-old pedestrian was hit by a car

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On the provincial road No. 783, a 47-year-old pedestrian hit by a car. As it was initially established, the man dressed in dark clothing and did not have any reflective materials, and he moved around at dusk, approx18.40, outside the built-up area. číst dál

How to get through the winter safely

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In winter it is - mostly anyway - dark and cold. Due to the darkness, it is much more dangerous to be on the road not only for motorists but also for pedestrians and cyclists. On Friday, the police gave Joachim Tabath and Michael Knapke tips for seniors and children. It was all about the visibility in the dark. All ages can benefit from the tips. číst dál

Stealing in record time on Transalpina. 12 hours resisted reflective plates

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12 hours! Both the night-time warning signs "cat eyes", as they called that had just been mounted on the Transalpina Road Roof, resisted. The Road Company filed a criminal complaint, and the police officers started an investigation. Infrastructure elements are often the target of thieves. But no one now explains what anyone could do with dozens of reflective elements. číst dál

Pouleyn wood company closed after the new fire

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Window and door manufacturer Pouleyn in Vichte, a district of Anzegem in the province of West Flanders, had to temporarily stop its activities after another fire had raged on Friday. Two months ago a worker died in a fire in the same company. číst dál

Reflex box Unicorn - Practical and visible

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A stylish and eco-friendly fabric box with the super-leaked reflective motif - Unicorn. číst dál


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The wearers of the Kübler Reflective high-visibility protection collection can be confident that they will be recognized more quickly even in poor visibility conditions thanks to the innovative combination of segmented and continuous reflective strips and their arrangement in body language design. In addition, to allow the wearer to easily adapt the clothes to current temperature and weather conditions, Kübler developed this line according to the multilayer principle. It is designed to carry several garments made of different materials on top of each other in order to be able to react by dressing and undressing on the respective climatic conditions. The base layer of thin material, eg. B. functional underwear or shirt, is relatively close to the body. It has the main task of transporting sweat away from the body. The storage of body heat takes over the insulation layer. Depending on your preference, fleece jacket, padded vest, and softshell jacket are available, which can also be combined with each other. Like all clothing parts, they are equipped with segmented and continuous reflective fabric in Body Language optics and are certified to EN ISO 20471. číst dál

Stylish reflections for arms and legs

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Reflectors one can never have too many of. You can do this quickly and easily yourself, a whole pile on an evening! It will be great gifts to share with family and friends. More reflective materials on the people! číst dál

Police are advising on traffic noise in the dark

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The reflex can be cheap insurance. For what applies when you move in the traffic and it is dark? We met intervention police Camilla Svensson to talk traffic noise. číst dál

Simulation of the accident in the school transport to the Pyramid

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Some 150 students participated in the activity together with the corresponding security forces. číst dál

Three Romanians crossed the Atacama Desert and the Ojos del Salado volcano on the Pegas bike!

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The fact that the three Romanians were caught in the Pegasus was in early October at Salar de Uyuni, the largest salt mine in the world, left behind by the erosion of a lake more than 40000 years ago. After crossing it, the three moved to Chile through volcanoes, geysers and other salt fields at an average altitude of 3500 m. číst dál

Yellow vests: another speech on the method

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What could have in common a text about the "method of judging our good judgment and seeking the truth in science," published in 1637, and the social movement that has risen France for a few good months in this 21st century? číst dál

The new uniform of ambulance personnel: "It's great"

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DEN BOSCH - Sportier, fresher and more modern. This is what the new uniform of ambulance personnel looks like. The old uniform is already 15 years old and no longer recognizable enough. A trial started on Wednesday. Audrey from Den Bosch and Richard from Uden are already wearing the uniform. číst dál