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Action "Safe way to school"

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It's 7:15 am. In a classroom, headmistress Kirsten brings together representatives from the Road Patrol, the Police, the Council, Department of Schools and Transport, the HCR, representatives of the child and youth sector, and the Municipal Order Service. Their mission this morning. They want to sensitize parents for their action "safe and independent to school". Shortly before the action, all participants are motivated by Barbara Kruse (Department for School and Further Education) "Be friendly but determined and make the parents aware of the action." číst dál

Police officers remind you about reflections

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Police officers of the Police Headquarters remind us of the obligation to wear reflective vests outside the built-up area after dusk. číst dál

Know all the papers you need to get out by car or motorcycle to the route

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All the documentation that you have to the day to circulate so much in the car as in a motorcycle. číst dál

Ask the cyclist: keep your distance

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Safety vests with a clearly visible imprint should encourage motorists to take more account of cyclists on the road. At the ADFC, the reflective vests can be ordered until January 7th. číst dál

Reflective jackets can save lives for drivers

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Maybe you were passing through Kremlin behind Ostrava, and you noticed the police patrols that stopped some of the vehicles. The men of the law focused on visibility. This time not pedestrians, but drivers or their co-drivers. The reflective vest does not fit into the mandatory equipment of the vehicle, but the driver must have it if it gets into trouble. číst dál

A man dies run over on the C-58

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A man has been killed this morning on the C-58 motorway as it passes through Tarrasa, reported Sergei Catalo. The accident occurred at 6.24 hours at kilometer 17 of the aforementioned motorway, which links Barcelona in Sabadell and Tarrasa. číst dál

Bramscher visit steelworks

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An excursion to the steelworks undertaken by the eighth grades of the secondary school Bramsche. číst dál

Brigitte Macron and Yellow Vests

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The fight of the Yellow Vests continues. A protester thus had the idea to create a handbag for Brigitte Macron. She posted the picture on her Instagram account with a long message. číst dál

The master of ski jumping gave away reflections to passers-by

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Adam Mays has been supporting all police activities for many years to improve safety. It is no different this year. The master from the Vistula sees a great need to improve safety among pedestrian road users. číst dál

Car crashes with pedestrians significantly increased

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Police warn: There are too many injured pedestrians. Even at the crossroads. číst dál

AniCura Animal Hospital gives pet owners tips to get through December safely

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The leaves fall from the trees, the wind sometimes blows stormily around our ears, the days get shorter and the nights longer. A fun time to spend with family and animal friends. And to get a breath of fresh air and go for a walk with the dog. But the winter period also requires attention. Veterinarians from Animal Hospital warn pet owners about possible dangers that may occur around the holidays and dark months. "We would like to give some tips and advice so that people can safely pass through the winter and the new year with their pet," says veterinarian and practice manager Esther. číst dál

It's about security and visibility

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The police and the two-wheeler-mechanic guild in the circle Steinfurt make themselves strongly for safety on two wheels. Both partners signed a cooperation agreement in spring. číst dál

Two yellow vests married on a filter dam

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It's been more than a month since part of France is blocked by dams and demonstrations of Yellow Reflective Vests. We must believe that these groups of people create the link as a man and a woman was married on a filtering dam on Saturday, December 8. číst dál

"Good to see you"!

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As part of a nationwide social campaign, policewomen visited the Primary School. During the meeting with the children, they talked about safe behavior on the road. In the end, each participant received a reflective vest with reflective tape. číst dál

Sports in black light

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The so-called Sports in black light days will be held for the third time from Thursday 27th to Saturday 29th December. číst dál