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The police training with in safety jacket

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There is a can of hair spray between the protective gloves and the anti-tracking device. "This allows us to fix traces that are too sensitive to secure," explains Brenda Nagel when she notices my questioning look. The 22 year old is in the second year at the police school in Gusto and accompanies me, SVZ volunteer Jacqueline Worth, on my day as a police officer in the police service of the police inspection Ludwig lust. This department had been introduced to Germany's second-largest police inspectorate almost five years ago. Between Orenburg and Palau am See the criminal service takes care, among other things, of tracking and taking evidence at caves, doing the preliminary work, which is essential for the elucidation of the cases of indispensable importance. číst dál

Dress warmly! Road bike winter safety wear tested

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"There is no bad weather, there is only the wrong clothes" is an often cited proverb. If the temperatures fall into the single-digit range, you have to pull all the stops on the road bike in order not to cool down during longer trips - Gloves, helmets, safety vest and overall. There are matching products are therefore essential for road cyclists. číst dál

Laser Markers and reflective material

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he manufacturer of marking and tracing devices extends its range in the laser range around the Green Laser TG400. With its wavelength of 532nm, it marks reflective materials. Due to the 30μm fine laser beam, small characters and data matrix codes can be applied. Thus, surfaces can be labeled with a reduced heat-affected zone without damaging the material or destroying the material structure and reflective surface. číst dál

Maude offers escort protection for the tour

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You do not want to think about it and assumes that the case does not occur - there is absolutely no security from falls but on no tour. Good if you can minimize the risk of injury, such as to protect the spine with a protector reflective backpack. Axel Kreutzer from the Innsbruck dealerships is most likely riding his bike in steep alpine terrain and is familiar with the dangers of biking. He has created his own personal backpack in close collaboration with the developers at Maude. "In my home town of Innsbruck, I really do everything with the bike. I am faster and more flexible. Cycling does me well and the environment as well. The Moab Pro is the perfect companion for me. In its manufacture, it is geared towards environmental protection, and thanks to an integrated back protector, it fits me. číst dál

Oriole takes reflective material

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Since January 2012, all European subsidiaries of the Reflective Group have been integrated into Oriole. This was announced by the company in a press release. Last year, Reflexive, a specialist for retro reflective material with its headquarters in the USA, had been established at Oriole Europe GmbH. číst dál

Bucking, it is traffic safety day

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The kindergarten Maria organized a traffic safety day in cooperation with the police for interested parents and children. Different stations trained perception, balance and senses, demonstrative demonstrations provided for aha experiences both young and old. číst dál

New 3M reflective material: satin black and highly reflective

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In daylight, the transfer film appears in a rich black. When exposed to the dark, it provides the brilliant reflective brightness that the 3M Scotchlite Reflective material is known for. With the C790 transfer film in carbon black, the company is opening up new design freedom to garment manufacturers. číst dál

Children in safety vest attended Action "Cleaning the World"

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tudents of the Julius in Vineries on 18 September. They took part in the national campaign "Cleaning the World". The children and teachers took care of the cleanliness of the surrounding area of ​​their school and the nearby forest near the road running from Vistula to Guernica. Students are wearing safety vest and reflectors "shone by example" showing how pedestrians should be on the road to remain visible to passing cars. The action was aimed not only at ordering the immediate surroundings but also fixing the principles of safe movement in the road. The school once again participates in the "Reflective School", whose main task is to draw students' attention to road safety and to promote the ideas in the local environment. číst dál

Obligatory helmets and safety vest for cyclists

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Commentators are widely discussed in Germany the obligation to ride a bike helmet and reflective vest. An opportunity is a court ruling that also a cyclist without a helmet in the event of an accident is entitled to full compensation. číst dál

Prostitutes in Milan in reflective uniforms

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The authorities of Milan have decided to take care of the safety of prostitutes and the movement of vehicles on the roadways. Women who drive customers on the roads will have to wear reflective uniforms - the same as road workers wear. číst dál

The police will give you a mandate for no glare after dark

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Do you remember the obligation to wear reflective vest after dark? The police check compliance with this provision and give out further mandates. číst dál

The police will give you a mandate for no glare after dark

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Do you remember the obligation to wear reflective vest after dark? The police check compliance with this provision and give out further mandates. číst dál

Two men in reflective vests forced money from drivers

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Two men in reflective vests forced money from drivers at the entrance to the estate. One stopped the car with a hairdryer in his hand, pretending to be a cop. The second slammed the windbreaker behind the window, demanding money. They heard charges of robbery, they were arrested. číst dál

Reflectors is an important element in improving safety

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An unfortunate accident occurred on Saturday night (15 October) on the road running parallel to the national "sevens" near Elblag at the height of Nanina. The 21-year-old, according to preliminary findings, without wearing safety vest walked the roadway and was too late to notice the 31-year-old Audi driver a8 from Elblag. číst dál

You will get a mandate without reflective equipment

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Having a medical kit and safety equipment - unlike a fire extinguisher - is required in most EU countries (e.g. France, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Czech Republic, Germany, and Slovakia). číst dál