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Measures to reduce accident rate: wear reflective coat

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The extreme weather conditions, especially in the prefectures of Macedonia and Epirus, forced the company Agnatic Odes to issue a Communication, probably "for fear of the Jews." číst dál

Pedestrians obliged to wear reflective vests

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The amendment to the Act, the Ministry of Transport will affect pedestrians, whose security is on the road, especially at night, constantly threatened. It cannot be said, however, that after all they just cars. Sometimes it is because of dark clothing pedestrians become virtually invisible, which should solve the obligation to wear reflective vests or belts. číst dál

H&M supplements with reflective elements

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Supplements are not after what you had in H & M certainly looked; even if otherwise prefer other brands. Deliver them particularly price-quality ratio-appearance. číst dál

Reflective pants for women cyclists

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Women are a serious problem when it comes to equip for cycling even more so if we practice disciplines that are not yet established the presence of women. It is gratifying to find that a brand expert and recognized as ION water sports, and a recent entry but very strong in the world of mountain biking, we have thought about from the outset. číst dál

Reflective accessories makes more visible

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I present new American company running shoes with reflective tape 'Tope Athletic', based in Boston and directed by Tony Post (To-Po) former CEO (Chief executive officer) of Viral. The CEO, or the CEO Castilian, is generally the highest position of a company. I remind you that Viral pioneered the minimalist USA and brand that brought the concept "five fingers" and I think the minimal trend and the controversy as to the minimum vs. maxims still fishtailing soles... číst dál

Novice drivers: don’t forget to wear reflective clothing

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1. Reduce blood alcohol levels for novice drivers; číst dál

Reflective material helps prevent accident for pedestrians

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The areas of the body that suffer more injuries are the legs, hips and legs (representing 28.7%) and trunk (23.2%). The head impacts, representing 12.7% of all injuries, are responsible for most deaths. In fact, nearly six in ten deaths (58%) have suffered head injuries in that period. číst dál

Cover your body with reflective fabric in winter running

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Cover your body extremities. According to experts exposed the cold to protect priority points are: the head, neck, hands and feet. Indeed, when it is cold, the heat loss can reach 70% by these 'cold spots'. Choose gloves with reflective tapes, socks, hat or scarf according to their insulating qualities, but without going over. číst dál

protective clothing with reflective fabric for emergency services

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After an intensive and practical development GSG presents with the model family INVICTUS an entirely new concept protective clothing with reflective fabric for emergency services. číst dál