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How to act in case of an accident - rules, mistakes

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Any road traffic accident is a great stress for its participants. But this is just the case when you need to approach everything with a cool head. First, common mistakes can be avoided with sane minds. Secondly, it is possible to protect yourself at the scene of an accident only with complete concentration. In the Rules of the Road, the algorithm of actions of a motorist in the event of an accident is built very simply. Despite this, many drivers still make mistakes, for which they are then responsible not only with fines but also with health. číst dál

Who knows a lot about traffic?

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Last week, for the first time, children and parents were able to puzzle their way through our traffic quiz, which is carried out together with the traffic educators from the police. The first correct answers have already been received. There are three questions again this week. The winners of the police teddy bears will be raffled off from all correct entries at the end of the year. číst dál

Mandatory equipment of vehicles in Slovakia or What not to forget

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The Slovak mandatory equipment of the vehicle differs from ours only in detail. Even so, it is appropriate to be in the picture with what is in the Slovak one. It is known that in Slovakia a person can get a hefty fine for violating or forgetting some element of mandatory equipment. číst dál

How reflectors reduce road accidents in our neighbors, but not in ours

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089z8ebt4j4wgwetb57moqs800.jpgIn many countries, reflectors (flickers) are no longer viewed as simply stylish accessories/clothing items. They perform safety functions - this is one of the proven ways to minimize accidents, especially at night. They acquire timely relevance now - in the autumn-winter period when it gets dark early and dawn late. číst dál

Students received reflective covers for school bags

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Now that the days are getting shorter again and the ways to school are getting darker again, school children must be visible from afar. číst dál

Is it mandatory to wear reflectors on a bicycle?

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The use of other types of mobility in the city has exploded in recent years: the car, less and less used, and public transport, are joined by different alternatives, among which we can find both electric scooters, which have burst with force in recent times, like bicycles, a classic of large cities that is being used more and more. číst dál

Cars in the wrong direction on the motorway: what to do and how to behave

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089z8ebt4j4wgwetb57moqs800.jpgEncountering a vehicle moving against the direction of travel is a more frequent risk than you think: here's what to do if you have the wrong car on the motorway. číst dál

Highway distractions cause pedestrian accidents

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089z8ebt4j4wgwetb57moqs800.jpgIt is during the night hours and the fall and wintertime that the most accidents involving drivers and pedestrians are reported, according to a Hillsboro police officer. číst dál