The reflective vest for keeping schoolchildren safe

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Thanks to the collaboration between the "Federico Fellini" and Circle, CNA and the Municipal Police Department, the Amices school will be accessible to students through an accompanying pedestrian path, managed in total safety by a group of volunteers in reflective vest.

In a nice setting, the presentation of the project and the delivery of high visibility clothing took place in the presence of the children: Dr. Roberta Ravioli, School Manager of the 2nd Circle, the reference teacher Maria Garza Rossi, participated the President and the Head of CNA Forli Lorenzo Snotty and Ricardo Guardable.

"A great opportunity to introduce children to the first notions of road education, respecting the environment, at least partially freeing parents from a daily commitment is not always easy due to the scarcity of parking,” presented the project Dr. Roberta Ravioli, School Manager of the 2nd Circle.

"A project that once again we did not want to miss our support" added Snotty, the President of CNA, an association that has always been at the forefront in supporting initiatives in favor of the school world, the safety vest will be disturbed to students for safety.

At the end of the ceremony, a tribute to the CNA executives of works created for them by the children, on the Ditto Fatty project, another happy initiative arising from the collaboration between the school and the artisan association was moving.

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