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Appears at the last minute – he often just in front of the mask of the speeding car. Cyclists who without safety vest ride in the dark without lights and glare are still a plague of Polish roads. On the recording prepared by Internet users from Lodz it is perfectly visible how invisible unmarked cyclist.

My observation is that every third cyclist is a "batman". The guest who leaves for the road and after dark is completely invisible - says Lukas, cyclist and author of a blog about tips for cyclists.

To show how silly the idea is to ride a bike without lighting or glare, our interpreter prepared the film. There are three cyclists traveling in the dark at night: when they are in a vest and with lights on, when they go without a waistcoat but with a light on and in an extreme situation: when they have neither a reflective vest nor a light.

On recordings sent to editor’s cyclist from the third group can be seen at the last minute. An unloved eye may not notice it at all. "Cyclists come up with the misconception that when they see someone, they are visible. So is the tragedy, stresses Passes.

There are scenes shot in the city center and beyond.

- If someone thinks that street lamps provide sufficient visibility, and then he should carefully look at how it looks in our film - says interlocutor.

On his blog, appeals to wear reflective vests next to the required lighting law. "The lights give a lot of light, but in the light coming from opposite vehicles, they can be invisible," he explains. And stresses that next to the commercially available, car vests loose on the bike can buy a well-cut and looking high visibility vest.

Marianne from Lodz for a penalty that can be obtained by a cyclist traveling without lighting answers without hesitation: Death. This is a severe punishment, but cyclists without glare often finish it. It's a brutal truth, says the cop. After a while, however, he declares that for lack of adequate lighting, the cyclist can get 50 zloty.

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