Mandatory reflective vests in Ireland

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At the beginning of 2014 a regulation will apply to all motorcyclists to ride in a reflective vest both day and night.

In France, it ended with nationwide protests that included other road users. The government withdrew from the idea, offering in return forbidding motorists wearing reflective wristbands. Now the Irish authorities have made the matter clear - all motorcyclists will need to wear high visibility vests, regardless of their attitude to this item of clothing.

According to the bill obliging wheelchair users to take care of their own visibility, it aims to reduce the number of fatal accidents involving motorcyclists. Unfortunately, as usual with bureaucratic regulations, two facts have not been taken into consideration: the first is vestibule material - artificial fibers block airflow and can cause overheating. The second is motorcycle clothing, which is more and more often equipped by the manufacturer with large reflective elements, often covering most of the surface on the body of a motorcyclist. So what is the meaning of putting a vest on an already reflective jacket?

Sentences among the interested are divided - some believe that the safety vest will actually help to see and identify ... the goal for some drivers. Others say not having a vest will be another pretext to punish their mandates. Once again, there is created a situation in which the citizen is for the law, not the right for the citizen. And it is hard to resist the impression that the compulsory visibility of a motorcyclist is slowly but surely moving in our direction...

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