Municipal police give away reflective vests

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Several dozens of safety vests have already hit the hands of Białystok bikers. The next city guard will give away on Friday. Everything to make the cyclists on the road better visible and thus safer.

City guards give away reflective vests

On Thursday and Friday, city guards planned to distribute reflective vests to all cyclists, both small and large. Significantly, this will not be the last chance to get them.

- They will be received during various types of actions addressed to bikers organized by city guards - announces the deputy president of Białystok Robert Jóźwiak. - We have prepared different sizes for children and adults.

As part of the winning project of the 2016 Civic Budget, the city of Bialystok bought 10 thousand. High visibility vests. Project "Biker, safer with a vest!" During the last year's vote he received over 650 votes.

A large group of accident victims are pedestrians and cyclists, ie unprotected traffic participants. In the event of a collision with another vehicle, the driver can count on airbags or seat belts. There are no pedestrians and cyclists. And reflective vests let them at least see them from afar.

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